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Essay Sample 01 


The future of education – books or computers.


Пара: books – computers 


Синонимы: faster / easier / aficient / effective


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение: In my opinion the future of education is computers.

1. утверждение  First of all, computers have become a part of people's daily life. пример For example, one can hardly find a sphere of interest where where computers are not used. 2. утверждение  Secondly, it is easier and faster to work with information when it is in a digital form. пример For instance, on-line people can find some information they want almost instantly using a computer, while in a library it would take hours of research. 

Moreover, students also are using computers more and more for education. 


Essay Sample 02 


Lots of teens believe that it's important to look nice. However, adults often think that young people pay too much attention to their appearance and fashion.


Пара: important – not important - natural 


Синонимы: time / energy / substantial / live up to / a fortunate / never ending process


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion it is not very important to look nice. I would prefer to look natural.

1. утверждение First of all, it takes a lot of time and energy to look nice. пример For example,  one has to spend substantial amounts of time to live up to some standards that other teens have created. 2. утверждение Secondly, it takes a lot of money to keep yourself looking nice. пример For instance, good perfume and clothes cost a fortune nowadays.

Moreover, it is also a never ending process because fashion changes so quickly. 


Essay Sample 03 


Lots of people enjoy celebrating holidays. However, for some people a holiday is just a day off.


Пара:  just a day off - a special day


Синонимы: to be worth doing / against / quality time / good mood


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion holidays are special days that are worth celebrating.

1. утверждение  First of all, they are called holidays because something important happened on those days in the past. пример  For example, take Victory Day, May 9th. On that day everybody remembers those who died fighting against Nazis. 2. утверждение  Second, these are days when you can meet with your friends and have some quality time together. пример For instance, you can go to a park or movie and talk about mutual interests. 

Moreover, they also give you a feeling that today is a special day, which creates a good mood.  


Essay Sample 04 


Lots of teenagers are keen on playing computer games. However adults are sure that computer games teach us nothing and young people should avoid them.


Пара:  bad – not bad


Синонимы: educational / master skills / develop / improve / get better / enhance 

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinioncomputer games are not as bad as some people may believe.

1. утверждение First of all, there are a lot of educational games that help people to study. пример For example, students can master many skills such as languages and mathematics while playing those games. 2. утверждение Second, there are games that develop one's logical thinking. пример For instance they give students intellectual tasks and analyze their answers.

Moreover, those games also help students (to) relax after a hard school day.


Essay Sample 05 


Some people enjoy living in big cities whereas others find such a lifestyle really harmful.


Пара: exciting – harmful 


Синонимы: opportunities / entertainment / technological things / spread / megapolis / afford 


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinionliving in big cities is exciting.

1. утверждение  First of all, big cities can offer a person a lot of opportunities for entertainments. пример For example, there are many of theaters, museums and interesting sights to see there.  2. утверждение  Second, all new technological things like computers, clothes, cars and so on first come to big cities and then spread to towns and villages.

Moreover, people also earn more money in megalopolises so they can afford to relax or travel more.


Essay Sample 06 


Extreme sports have taken off in a big way over the last twenty years. However, quite a few people object to these dangerous sports, highlighting the risk of accident.


Пара: risky – safe  


Синонимы: develop skills / diverse / reflexes / attention / fatal / route 

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion extreme sports are quite safe. 

1. утверждение First of all, they help to develop particular skills to feel safe in diverse situations. пример For example, these particular skills are attention, good reflexes, balance and so on. 2. утверждение  Second, sports like car racing or jumping from huge cliffs take a lot of preparation to not make a fatal mistake. пример For instance, before a car race a person studies the route really carefully and only after that do they drive that road. 

Moreover, if people follow all the instructions they are totally safe.


Essay Sample 07 


In recent years tourism has really taken off. However, many people think that tourism ruins everything that it touches.


Пара: ruins – doesn’t ruine 


Синонимс: dangerous / fix / damage / harm

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion tourism is not as dangerous as it might seem.

1. утверждение First of all, tourists spend a lot of money in the places they visit. In some towns tourists even have to pay fees to enter. пример For example, all this money goes to develop the places and fix the damage caused by tourists. 2. утверждение  Second, tourists are as a rule cultured people that do not usually destroy everything around.  пример For instance, I do not believe that a tourist will see a beautiful sculpture and break it. 


Essay Sample 08 


Lots of people enjoy different sports. However, there are those who think that sport is not really useful.


Пара: waste – is not waste 


Синонимы: build up / sphere / self-esteem / properly / positive emotions


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion sport is an extremely useful thing in people's lives. 

1. утверждениеFirst of all, sport builds up their character. пример For example, this quality can be used in different spheres of their life, like business, personal achievements, and level of self-esteem. 2. утверждение Second, sport is good for one's health if they do it properly. пример For instance, he or she can save a lot of money and time on doctors as well as get a lot of positive emotions.


Essay Sample 09 


Some people think that graffiti is another form of expressing art whereas others consider it to be pure vandalism.


Пара: art - vandalism


Синонимы: artist / masterpiece / express themselves

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion graffiti is another form of art.

1. утверждение First of all, it can look really beautiful if it is painted by a talented artist. пример For example some artists spend hours and hours working on their masterpieces. 2. утверждение Second, usually it is drawn on horribly looking walls which can not be made to look worse. пример For instance, there are a lot of awful walls in suburbs that really needs to be painted on with graffiti.  

Moreover, graffiti is also a way for many young people to express themselves.


Essay Sample 10 


Lots of people would like to have one language on our planet. However, scientists think that having only one language is a disaster.


Пара: good – bad 


Синонимы: reflect / traits / a pity / contain / features

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion having one language would not be a really good idea.

1. утверждение First of all, every language reflects some traits of national characters that express it. It would be a pity to lose them. 2. утверждение  Secondsince different groups of people are different from each other they need different languages to express themselves. пример For instance, one language can not contain all national features of thousands of groups which all have some unique characters.

Moreover, having only one language would also be also boring.


Essay Sample 11 


Only people who earn a lot of money are successful.


Пара: successful – not successful 


Синонимы: definition / consider / list


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion not only people who make a lot of money can be called successful.

1. утверждение First of all there are a lot of different definitions of success. пример For exampleI consider successful people those who have good health, loving family, reliable friends and then perhaps a lot of money. 2. утверждение  Second, I would also call happy people successful. пример For instanceif one asks a person who works hard to make a lot money, “Why are you doing it?”,  then the answer  is going to be, “To be happy.” So, all those listed above things are meant to make a person happy and by my perception is successful.


Essay Sample 12 


Travel broadens the mind.


Пара: broadens – not broaden


Синонимы: saying / remember / nations / cultures 

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opiniontraveling is a great way to broaden one's mind.

1. утверждение First of all, there is a saying, "It is better to see something one time than to hear about it one hundred times." пример For example, everything a person sees during their travels leaves deep emotional impressions in his or her memory and remembers them better. 2. утверждение  Second, going somewhere else, people see other unfamiliar places, nations and cultures. пример For instance, if they go to Rome, they have no choice but learn something about Rome and try to understand Italy better.


Essay Sample 13 


Today some scientists claim that cloning experiments should not be subject to government scrutiny.


Пара: should be – shuld not be


Синонимы:control / careful examination /inspection /survey / consequences / cause / sufferings / moral / ethical


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion cloning must be under government’s control.

1. утверждение First of all, it is difficult to predict the consequences of such experiments. пример For example, if cloning gets out of control it might cause bad things like horrible diseases, sufferings of cloned animals or people and so on. 2. утверждение Second, we should figure out the moral side of this process first. пример For instance, are people that would come from these experiments real humans?


Essay Sample 14 


Fast food is very popular among teenagers. However, many experts consider fast food harmful.


Пара: harmful – not harmful


Синонимы: dangerous / unhealthy / remain 

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion fast food is not very harmful.

1. утверждение First of all, teenagers nowadays are very busy with plenty of homework from their studies. пример For example, it is better to eat something that is not really healthy than to remain hungry. 2. утверждение  Second, there are different kinds of fast foods and not all of them are unhealthy. пример For instance, one can have salads, desserts or bakery that are not fried in oil and feel pretty good after eating them.


Essay Sample 15 


Some teenagers dream of becoming rich whereas others consider it to be rather dangerous.


Пара: dangerous – not dangerous


Синонимы: opportunities / afford / luxuries / permit / costs / sponsor / donate


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion there is nothing wrong with being wealthy.

1. утверждение  First of allhaving wealth offers a person many opportunities. пример For example, one can travel a lot or afford to have some luxuries. 2. утверждение Second, wealth permits a person to have freedom from certain worries. пример For instance, they do not need to worry about health care costs or the price of food. Being wealthy allows people also to be helpful to others.  Rich people, like Bill Gates, sponsor a lot of charitable projects.

Moreover, one can also invest their energy and time into health and education issues. 


Essay Sample 16 


It is believed, that young people today are not as healthy as they were fifty years ago.


Пара: healthy – not healthy 


Синонимы: disease / illness /sickness / physically strong / physical labor work / bad habits 


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion today's young generation is not as healthy as they were 50 years ago.

1. утверждение  First of all, the food has changed. пример For example, teens do not eat a lot of healthy foods anymore, which might cause various diseases. 2. утверждение Second, they are not as physically strong as they were before. пример For instance, during earlier times people spent more time in the open air, doing more physical labor work.

Moreover, many young people nowadays have bad habits like smoking or taking drugs.


Essay Sample 17 


Some people believe that modern teenagers are really awful. However, modern teenagers think that they are criticized for no reason.


Пара: good – bad


Синонимы: hardworking / home duties / take care / responsible / frivolous / well-behaviour


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion teens nowadays are not that bad as they seem.

1. утверждение  First of all, they have a lot of lessons at school and plenty of homework so they are more hardworking than lazy. 2. утверждение  Secondly, many of them have a great deal of home duties because their parents work during the day. пример For instance, they have to take care of their younger brothers and sisters, which qualifies them as responsible but not irresponsible and frivolous.

In addition, the standards of politeness and good-behavior have also changed. пример For instance, many things that were considered rude 50 years ago are not rude today.


Essay Sample 18 


Exams are a fair way of testing students.


Пара: fair – not fair


Синонимы: grade / thoroughly prepare / since time immemorial / rate / knowledge / score / partial credit 


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion exams are a good way of testing knowledge.

1. утверждение  First of all, to get a good grade one should thoroughly prepare  for exams and learn particular types of information. 2. утверждение Second, exams have been run since time immemorial to rate students’ knowledge. пример The reason for this is that the process itself is easy to organize and score, either a student knows the answer or they do not know it.

Moreover, a person might also know a part of the answer and get partial credit.


Essay Sample 19 


The Internet has become one of the most popular ways of communication. However, is it really good as it seems to be?


Пара: good – bad


Синонимы: to be in touch / share / as real as / in person

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion the Internet is a great way of communication.

1. утверждение First of all, one can be constantly be in touch with their friends no matter where they are. пример For example, it takes seconds to call those who might be on the other side of the planet and it costs nothing except for the user's local Internet Service Provider (ISP) cost. 2. утверждение Secondly, it allows a person to share not only texts but pictures, songs and videos. пример For instance, talking on Skype is almost as real as talking with him in person.   


Essay Sample 20 


Some teenagers would like to have a highly paid job; others believe that their future job should be interesting and bring satisfaction.


Пара: well-paid – interesting


Синонимы: pleasure / feel good / positive thinking / 


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion pleasure that one gets from their job is more important.

1. утверждение First of all, work takes a big part of a person's life so it is important to feel good doing this work. 2. утверждение  Secondly, if a person feels good for a long time, good things will happen to them. пример For instance, it is a scientific fact that positive thinking attracts positive situations. 

Moreover, being satisfied and feeling good, people will do their work much better.


Essay Sample 21 


Some people are sure that sending to prison is the only way to punish criminals. However, a lot of people believe there are far more effective punishments for criminals than prison.


Пара: good punishment – bad punishment


Синонимы: punishment / fix / educate / 

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinionthere are far better punishments for criminals than prisons.

1. утверждение  First of all, people who are sent to prison for different crimes should not be kept togetherOtherwise, they will just improve their criminal skills. 2. утверждение Second, if a person made a mistake, he or she has to have a chance to fix it and prisons are not the best places for it. пример For instance, if a person committed a financial crime, he or she has to make money and pay back those who were cheated. 

Moreover, I also believe that criminals must be educated and shown other ways of getting what they want legally.


Essay Sample 22 


It is common practice to study a foreign language at school in your own country. However, many people think that the best way to learn it to speak with native speakers.


Пара: russian speaking teachers – natives


Синонимы: in one's own language / particular / association / right approach 

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion the best way to learn languages is with good teachers who speak both languages.

1. утверждение  First of all, there are some grammar rules that are better to explain in the student's native language. 2. утверждение  Second, a person should have a particular level of language to understand explanations of a native speaker. пример For instance, “Present Perfect” in English can be explained through a good association with “уже” in Russian language.

Moreover, russian speaking teachers know Russian students better that is why it is easier for them to find the right approach for each student.


Essay Sample 23 


Is it fair to keep animals in zoos?


Пара: fair – not fair


Синонимы: take care / get sick / natural enemies / protected / conditions  

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение Personally, I think that there is nothing bad in keeping animals in zoos.

1. утверждение First of all, there are a lot of people in zoos who take care of the wild animals. пример  For example, there are many veterinarian doctors and medical workers who can help animals if they get sick. 2. утверждение  Secondly, in such places animals do not have natural enemies that can eat them. пример For instance, animals such as rabbits and deer feel more comfortable and protected there.

Moreover, the conditions of keeping animals are really good nowadays. They have everything they need to feel protected and safe.


Essay Sample 24 


Some families have an only child; others choose to have two, three or even more children.


Пара: one child – many children


Синонимы: raise / bring up / egocentric / well-knit 


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion it is better to have many children.

1. утверждение First of all, it is easier to raise a few children than one. пример  For example, elder children can take care of the younger ones, making lives of their parents easier. 2. утверждение Second, children in big families are less egocentricпример For instance, taking care of others, they learn how to serve by using a positive meaning of this word.

Moreover, big families are more well-knit together than families with an only child.


Essay Sample 25 


TV viewing is one of the most popular leisure pastimes among children.


Пара: the most popular – not the most popular


Синонимы: popular / run a cartoon / chores / entertaiment / 


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion watching television is really popular.

1. утверждение First of all, it is the easiest way for parents to have some rest. пример  For example, they just run a cartoon and go to do their chores2. утверждение Second, children like watching television. пример For instance, there are a lot of children entertainment programs nowadays.

Moreover, children also learn about new things through watching children channels.


Essay Sample 26 


Most teachers believe that all subjects at school are equally useful.


Пара: equally useful – not equally useful


Синонимы: subjects / specialty / inclination / objective / 

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion all subjects cannot be equally useful.

1. утверждение First of all, students usually know what they want to be even in Primary School, which means the subjects that are connected to their future specialty are more useful. пример  For example, if a student has an inclination to technical subjects, he or she has to learn math, physics, geometry and so on. 2. утверждение  Secondly, the word “useful” can not have an objective meaning. пример For instance, things that are useful for some people can be absolutely useless for others.


Essay Sample 27 


Violence on TV and crime in society are clearly related.


Пара: related – not related


Синонимы: brutality / direct / correlation / more difficult / commit 


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinionviolence on television and crime have direct correlation.

1. утверждение  First of all, if a person watches a lot of movies with violence scenes they start thinking about it a lot.  пример  For example, it is a scientific fact that mental conceptions sooner or later turn into actions. 2. утверждение Secondly, there is a saying, “Similar attracts similar.” пример For instance, if one’s mind is merged with crime images, such a person might commit a crime in real life easier. 


Essay Sample 28


Lots of people believe that the invention of the car changed the world for the better. However, some people think that our world would be better without cars.


Пара: good – bad


Синонимы: get around / comfortable / automotiles


pir 1

linking words 1

мнение In my opinion cars help people a lot.

1. утверждение  First of all, they make people's life much more comfortable than it would be without them. пример  For example, a person can get around faster and do more important things. 2. утверждение Secondly, people can see their friends more often. пример For instance, a lot of people would like to see their friends more often but the reason why they do not see each other as often as they wonted is the distance between them, which is easily solved by cars.  

Moreover, cars also are not only automobiles, they include autobusestruckspublic transportation and so on, without which we could not live as comfortable as we do.


Essay Sample 29 


Mobile telephones have become very popular nowadays. However, some people consider them dangerous.


Пара: dangerous – not dangerous


Синонимы: invention / communicate / chat / talk / multifunctional / get rid of / gadgets  

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion cell phones are a good and useful invention. 

1. утверждение First of all, they allow people to communicate with lots of people without leaving their homes.  пример  For example, one can Skype a friend who might be on the other side of the globe and chat with him or her for hours. 2. утверждение Secondnowadays cells have become multifunctionalwhich means they are used as photo cameras, memory storages, payment systems so on. Having a phone let people get rid of many gadgets.


Essay Sample 30 


Lots of teenagers want to work part-time to earn their pocket money. However, their parents are often against it.


Пара: good – bad


Синонимы: value / estimate / for granted / appreciate / manage / grow up / fix / doubtful / fund / disaster


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion it is not bad for teens to work and have some pocket money.

1. утверждение  First of all, those teenagers who work can understand the value of money. пример  For example, teens usually get everything they need from parents for granted and the only way to appreciate it is to work. 2. утверждение  Secondly, one should learn how to manage their budget from a young age. Otherwise, when he or she grows up they might make some serious financial mistakes that will be difficult to fix. пример For instance, investing money in doubtful funds can lead to a complete financial disaster. 


Essay Sample 31 


Honesty is the best policy.


Пара: the best – not the best


Синонимы: appreciate / respect / circumstances / weak / improve

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion honesty is the best policy.

1. утверждение  First of all, people really appreciate honor in other people. пример  For example, if a person is honest others respect him or her and listen to them. 2. утверждение Secondly, honesty allows people to feel good and become better. пример For instance, being honest in all circumstances lets one find the weak sides of their character and work on them, thus improving them.   




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