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Essay Sample 01 


Some people think that we should explore space and visit other planets. Other people say that space exploration is a waste of time and money.


Пара: yes – no


Синонимы: investigate /look into /check out /enquire into /examine /travel over


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение: In my opinion we should definitely explore space and spend as much money as required.

1. утверждение First of all, our planet cannot exist forever. пример For example, one day it will cease to exist and then humans will have to move somewhere to continue living. 2.утверждение Secondly, underground resources are finite and they will eventually end up. пример For instance, it will be necessary to have a possibility to import raw materials from other planets.

Moreover, it is also very interesting to possibly meet other civilizations, if they exist.



Essay Sample 02 


Some believe that teenagers today are generally rude, lazy and badly behaved. Other people, however, think that teenagers have a bad reputation for no reason.


Пара: the key – not important 


Синонимы: hard-working /polite / computer /cultured /well bred / ill bred / patience / tolerance 


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение: In my opinionteenagers are quite hard-working and polite nowadays. 

1. утверждение First of all, they have a lot of lessons at school and then they have to do plenty of homework. пример For example, it all requires particular qualities like patience and tolerance but not laziness. 2.утверждение Secondly, the standards of politeness and the meaning of politeness have changed these days. пример For instance, those things that were considered rude 50 years ago are not considered rude anymore.


Essay Sample 03 


Fast food is very popular and saves time for busy working people. However, many experts say that it’s not completely healthy.


Пара:  Education- family 


Синонимы: harmful / unhealthy / starve / good physical condition / low quality food


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion fast-food is not very bad for health if it is not eaten often. 

1. утверждение First of all, I believe that if a person has a choice between starving or eating fast food they should choose eating fast food, пример since to starve is more dangerous than to eat low quality food. 2.утверждение Secondnot all fast food is dangerous.  пример For example, one can always find something like salads or other things that are not fried or too spicy.

Moreover, people can also visit some fast food cafes where they do not use those things that are considered unhealthy like mayonnaise, palm oil and E-preservatives.


Essay Sample 04 


Many people enjoy watching television. However, some people believe it can be harmful.


Пара:  should – should not


Синонимы: study / learn / educational / broadens one's mind / educative / educational /informative /informational


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion watching television is educational and interesting.

1. утверждение  First of all, good shows teach one how to think and analyze informationпример For example, a person watches how clever people think and talk and copy them. 2.утверждение Secondly, if people watch The Discovery Channel they learn a lot of interesting information about animals. пример For instance, they see how exotic animals look and behave, which is impossible to learn by reading books.

Moreover, television is also part of modern life and a big source of information.


Essay Sample 05 


Many students go on school trips. Some people say they are interesting and educational. Other people say that they are a waste of time and children should only learn in the classroom.


Пара: yes, helps – does not help 


Синонимы: interesting / skills / interests /enriche experience / knowledge


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion going on a school trip is a very good experience that broadens one's mind.

1. утверждение  First of all, there is a saying, “ It is better to see once than hear a hundred times”. пример For example, when a person sees something with their own eyes they memorize information much better. 2.утверждение Secondly, going on school trips develops traveling skills like learning a route, preparing for it and attentiveness. пример For instance, traveling is good for experiencing other countries, to compare them with their own country and to get to know it better.

Moreover, school trips also develop friendships between classmates stronger.



Essay Sample 06 


Some people believe that animals without owners should have the right to live on the streets in cities. Others say that they could be dangerous and should be collected and found new homes, or kept in cages in animal shelters.


Пара: friendship – money  


Синонимы: adobt / sterilize / figh for existence / living being / take care / cure / treat


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion stray animals should be sterilized and put in animal shelters to be given for adoption later.

1. утверждение   First of all, the life of a stray animal is not easy. пример For example, they have to fight for their existence with other animals. 2. утверждение  Second, they can spread different diseases that are dangerous for people. пример  For instance, children can play with a sick animal and get sick too.

Moreover, all living beings need to be taken care of. If they get sick they have to be cured and it is only possible at homes or animal shelters.



Essay Sample 07 


Some people think that pupils should be involved in decisions about their school and should have a say in how things are run. Others think that pupils are too young to take part in such important decisions.


Пара: distracts – doesn’t distract 


Синонимс: influence / rules / administrators / authority / completely disasterous / feedback / modify / improve 


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion students should be given a chance to influence some important things about school.

1. утверждение  First of all, they are the ones who follow all the rules that come from above. пример For example, the authority make the rules and the pupils follow them. 2. утверждение  Secondly, administrators can make mistakes and make some rules that might be completely disasterous for students. пример  For instance, a new rule of starting school lesson at 6 a.m. might be not acceptable for the majority of students. 

Moreover, everything that is done at school has a purpose to educate children better. That is why it is good to have some feedback and perhaps modify or improve the program for whom it is designed.



Essay Sample 08 


The car has become the most popular means of transport in the history of the world. However, some people say that the world would be better off without cars.

Пара: waste – is not waste 


Синонимы: to get rid of / by foot / comfortable / without being disturbed / means of transportation / employment


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion cars have become a part of modern life and we can not get rid of them.

1. утверждение  First of all, to move by car is faster than by foot. пример  For example, one can do far more things if he or she drives a car. 2. утверждение  Second, it is more comfortable to travel by car than by other means of transportation. пример For instance, a person has their own space where they can do whatever he or she wants like listen to any music or talk with anybody they want without being disturbed

Moreover, the car industry gives a lot of employment thus helping the whole country economically.



Essay Sample 09 


Many people argue that ordinary people can do a lot to help the environment, including recycling materials and preventing waste. However, this depends on towns providing facilities for recycling and educating people on the need to help the environment, which some people think is too expensive.


Пара: the earlier the better – the later the better 


Синонимы: environmental / worth doing / a big deal / nature / ecological  


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinionproviding facilities and education to people on environmental issues are worth doing.

1. утверждение  First of all, if people know what to do and how to keep the environment clean, they will definitely do it. пример For example, it is not a big deal for every one to invest some time and energy into helping to protect nature. 2. утверждение Secondly, usually people want to take part in something that is important not only for them personally but for the whole society. That's why, if government shows the way to solve the ecological problems, people will be happy to help.



Essay Sample 10 


Many young people go to university after leaving school. However, a number of school-leavers feel that university is not for them and choose not to go.


Пара: read books – movies 


Синонимы: knowledge / understanding / imagination / relationship / spart up


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion it is very important to go to university after school. 

1. утверждение First of all, the knowledge one could obtain there can help him or her to get a good job in the future. пример  For example, it helps one get a better understanding of how things work in life and society. 2. утверждение Secondly, some of the best friendships or relationship start at universities. пример For instance, some people meet their future husbands and wives there or start up a great project. 

Moreover, as people get older they think of their university years as the best times of their life.



Essay Sample 11 


Some people think that pupils at school should learn practical skills that will help them in later life, such as cooking or car mechanics. Others argue that pupils are at school to learn traditional academic subjects and that those who want to can learn other skills in their own time.


Пара: can work – can not work 


Синонимы: first-aid / consciousness / majority / enhance / academic perfornance 


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion practical skills can be very important – sometimes more important than anything else people learn at school. 

1. утверждение First of all, knowing how to cook and what to eat can help one stay healthy. 2. утверждение  Secondly, a single class in first-aid can one day help a person save a human life. пример For instance, it is not so often but it can be seen that a person loses his or he consciousness and falls down on a street. Unfortunately, the majority of people do not know how to help such people in trouble. 

Moreover, learning meditation at school can also help people have a calm and focused mind, which will enhance their academic performance.



Essay Sample 12 


Many countries have 'national service', where young adults must join the army, navy or air force for a certain period of time after leaving school. Some countries, however, have recently stopped national service.


Пара: Russian is easier – English is easier 


Синонимы: voluntary / freedom / maintain / efficient / instead / motivated / experienced /


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение Personally, I am against the idea of national service. 

1. утверждение First of all, service in the army should be voluntaryotherwise it violates basic human freedoms that most progressive countries fight to maintain. 2. утверждение  Secondly, having a professional army is actually cheaper for a country’s economy as well as be more efficient. пример For instance, these countries do not have to spend a lot of resources on training new soldiers. Instead, they can have professionals, people who chose this as their job to protect their country. They will be much more motivated and experienced.



Essay Sample 13 


Most people believe that it's important to look nice. However, some people say that we place too much importance on appearance and fashion.


Пара: influences – doesn’t influence 


Синонимы: impression / confident / social interactions / well-dressed / consider / respect / raise


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion to look nice is important.

1. утверждение  First of all, it makes a great first impression. пример For example, a person is more confident if he or she knows they look good. 2. утверждение  Secondly, it makes all social interactions easier because people are liked more if they are well-dressed or look beautiful. пример For instance, if a person is well dressed it is considered that he respects himself and thus raises respect in others. 



Essay Sample 14 


A number of people believe that pocket money teaches teenagers to be responsible with money. Others say that teenagers are too young to deal with money and that their parents should just buy them what they need.


Пара: subjects they choose – compulsory subjects 


Синонимы: certain amount / penny / independence / adult / accordingly / responsible / to be experienced / 


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion parents should give their teenage children pocket money of a certain amount every month and not a penny more.

1. утверждение  First of all, this would give their kids some freedom and independence. пример For example, having some money a teen can feel as an adult and act accordingly. 2. утверждение Secondly, it will teach them to be responsible with money and plan their budget. пример For instance, those who start dealing with money from their early age are considered more financially experienced.



Essay Sample 15 


Many teenagers enjoy playing computer games. Some people, however, believe that teenagers should spend their free time doing more physical activities.


Пара: should – should not 


Синонимы: nothing wrong / educational / interactive / subject / rexaxing / therapeutic / plenty / chill out /


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion there is nothing wrong with playing computer games.

1. утверждение  First of all, some of them are educational and interactive . пример For example, pupils can learn a lot of new information just playing computer games called AppEdu, learning mathematics, biology or other subjects . 2. утверждение  Secondly, modern games are a lot of fun as well as relaxing and I would say even therapeutic. пример For instancenowadays, school boys and girls have plenty of homework and they need some quality time to chill out or relax. 



Essay Sample 16 


Some people believe that 'travel broadens the mind'. They believe that when you travel to other places, you experience new things and learn from them. Other people, however, argue that most people who go on holiday to other countries just lie on a beach for two weeks and don't experience the local culture at all.


Пара: safest – dangerous 


Синонимы: enrich /enhance / extent / get a tan / experience / to what extent / specifically / experience 


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion traveling definitely enriches people's knowledge about the world. The only question is, to what extent, and that everyone has to decide that for themselves. 1. утверждение First of all, a lot of people travel specifically to learn more about new countries and their cultures. пример For example, they may go  China to learn to cook in the Chinese tradition. 2. утверждение  Second, people even learn new languages to get a better experience. If one’s goal for a trip is just to relax on a beach and get a tan, they will learn a country’s culture only a little.



Essay Sample 17 


Many people believe that producing a school magazine allows pupils to be creative and teaches them many skills. Others disagree and say that producing a school magazine is a waste of time when pupils have important schoolwork to do.


Пара: time waste – educational


Синонимы:  versatile / get an idea across / deal with / accept criticism / creative / 


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion producing a school magazine is a great activity for pupils who want to become versatile.

1. утверждение First of all, they learn to work together.  пример For example, if they work on a project, they get their ideas across, and listen to the ideas of others. 2. утверждение  Secondly, they learn to accept criticism and be creative. пример For instance, those how cannot deal with criticism achieve much less. 

Moreover, working at a magaizine is also a lot of fun!



Essay Sample 18 


Most school teachers give their students homework. However, some teenagers today believe that they are being given too much homework and that they don't have the time to do it all properly.


Пара: circus – movies


Синонимы: hastily / sloppy / due to / lack / shortage / sufficient / efficiency


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion there should be definitely a limit on how much homework students should get.

1. утверждение  First of all, those pupils who get too much homework spend all their free time doing it and sometimes even that is not enough. As a result, they have to do it hastily and it comes out sloppy. 2. утверждение  Secondly, such school boys and girls go to bed late, wake up the following morning very early and feel horrible due to their lack of sufficient sleep. пример For instance, they go to school in a tired condition and have a really low efficiency of studying.

Moreover, school turns to be their whole life and I believe it should not be like that.



Essay Sample 19 


Some scientists perform experiments on animals. However, some people say that this is cruel and unnecessary.


Пара: motivate – do not motivate


Синонимы: discover / justify / brutal /savage /inhuman / volunteer


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion scientists should have experiments on animals to discover new medicines for treating people.

1. утверждение  First of all, there is also one question people should ask themselves, "Why is an experiment being performed?" If the answer is “to help save human lives in the future”, then in my opinion it justifies the means. 2. утверждение Second, it would be even more cruel to experiment on people. пример For instance, I do not believe that anyone would volunteer for this.



Essay Sample 20 


Technology is an important part of our lives. We use computers and other electronic equipment at work and in the home. However, some people believe we rely too much on machines, and that the more technology improves, the lazier and weaker humans will become.


Пара: motivate – do not motivate


Синонимы: necessary / rely on / used to / human labor / used to / require / automated / truly / through


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion there is no need to worry about relying on technology.

1. утверждение  First of all, electronic devices are necessary helpers for us. пример For example, computers and other electronic gadgets make our lives easier. Most of what used to require human labor is now completely automated. 2. утверждение  Secondly, that equipment saves people a lot of time and energy, allowing them to do what they truly want. пример For instance, nowadays people do not have to go anywhere to pay their bills since they can do it through their phones or computers. 




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