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Вербицкая М.В., 2015-2016 годы
Вербицкая М.В.
Вербицкая М.В.

Essay Sample 01 


Life-long friendship exists only in books and films. <<<< всё сочинение


Пара: yes – no


Синонимы: share / relieved / satisfied / touch / produce 


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение: In my opinion a life-long friendship can exist in real life.

1. утверждение First of all, it is a part of human nature to have friends with whom one can share all their thoughts, successes and troubles. пример For example, a person in trouble comes and talks to his or her friendand then they feel relieved and satisfied. 2. утверждение Secondly, often book and film stories are written and made based on real eventsпример For instance, a life-long friendship touched a writer or a film director and then they produce a movie about it. 

Moreover, there are also a lot of life-long friendship examples around that even I have known.



Essay Sample 02 


At school students do not study enough modern authors and modern literature. <<<< всё сочинение


Пара: study enough – do not study enough


Синонимы: based on / contemporary / nowday / plot / throughout


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение: In my opinion students should read and study more modern authors and literature.

1. утверждение First of all, students are living in the modern world and they have to know all the ideas and principles that the modern society is based on. пример For example, good contemporary authors can see them and perfectly describe them in their books. 2.утверждение Secondly, many nowadays authors describe the old classical plots but a little differently thus making it  really interesting to readпример For instance, one can see how people have changed throughout different times.


Essay Sample 03 


Today young people think only about making money and career. <<<< всё сочинение


Пара:  money and career - other values


Синонимы: patriotically oriented / values / achievements / heroes / contemplating


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion young people do not only think about money and career these days.

1. утверждение First of all, there are a lot of patriotically oriented young people who are interested in other values. пример For example, they develop such qualities as honesty, loyalty, courage, patriotism, sport achievements and so on. 2.утверждение Secondly, there is a lot of TV programs and movies that show how the heroes of our country behaved before.  пример For instance, lives of Evpatiy Kolovrat or Ivan Vasilyevich Panfilov give younger generationsother life values. Moreover, a typical Russian character who was described in classical literature is more a thinking and contemplating person rather than a money making and career one.


Essay Sample 04 


It's important for high school students to study compulsory subjects, even if they don't see any need for them in the near future. <<<< всё сочинение


Пара:  importent – not importent


Синонимы: mandatory / obligatory / required / analytical ability / tend to / informational view /facets / linked


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion one must study obligatory subjects.

1. утверждение  First of all, they are the subjects that help students develop their analytical ability. пример For example, studying these subjects they must, pupils tend to develop an informational view of other facets of life, which might be helpful in the future. 2. утверждение Secondly, many careers are not directly linked to these subjects, but studying them helps and supports a better understanding of the world.  пример For instance, one might be really good at mathematics but studying poetry will make their lives more interesting and rich with emotions. 


Essay Sample 05 


Childhood is the safest period of human life. <<<< всё сочинение


Пара: safest – dangerous 


Синонимы: Babyhood / infancy / protect / take care 


pir 1

linking words 1

мнение In my opinion childhood is the safest period of one’s life.

1. утверждение First of all, parents protect children from all troubles they can get into. пример For example, parents feed their children and watch them all the time to make sure nothing bad happens to them. 2. утверждение Secondlysociety gives children many rights. пример For instance, if a child is being mistreated by someone society interferes and makes sure it does not happen again. 

Moreover, I believe that it is a part of human nature to treat children with care and love.

Read by George William Dole


Essay Sample 06 


The circus is the best entertainment for children. <<<< всё сочинение


Пара: circus – movies


Синонимы: Kids / entertaining / 


pir 1

linking words 1

мнение In my opinion the circus is the most educational and entertaining pastime for children.

1. утверждение First of all, the circus creates unforgettable impressions in children’s memories. пример For example, a lot of children still remember some performances from a very young age. 2. утверждение Secondly, circus performances are interactiveпример For instance, children often take part in the performance when the clowns or the circus ring-master goes through the aisles and talks with people in the audience.

Moreover, children also can see different animals and learn new information about them.

Read by George William Dole


Essay Sample 07 


It's easier to make friends than to keep them. <<<< всё сочинение


Пара: easier – harder


Синонимы: Make friends / harder / more difficult / 


pir 1

linking words 1

мнение In my opinion it is easier to make new friends than to keep good relationship with the old ones.

1.утверждение First of all, making new friends takes less timeпример For example, one can go to a club and make a lot of new friends in a few hours. 2. утверждение Secondly, it is easier to impress people when a person just meets them for the first time. пример For instance, people tend to show only good qualities in the beginning of any relationship. They are always polite, they smile and are always ready to help.

Read by George William Dole


Essay Sample 08 


School classmates make the best friends. <<<< всё сочинение

Пара: yes – no


Синонимы: Friends at school / school friendship / deep impressions /  go through / betrayal / time proves / advantage over / remain


pir 1

linking words 1

мнение In my opinion school friendship is the strongest one.

1. утверждение First of all, people that met at schools make the deepest impressions in one's memory. пример For example, school friends are those with whom one goes through first relationships like: friendshipbetrayallove and so on. 2. утверждение Secondlytime proves school friendships and schoolmates have advantages over others, like university or friends at work. пример For instance, one can be called a real friend only if he or she remains as a friend in difficult situations. There is a saying, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”


Essay Sample 09 


The most important thing in life is work. <<<< всё сочинение


Пара: Work-family 


Синонимы: Job / valuable / position


pir 1

linking words 1

мнение In my opinion work is the most valuable possession one can have.

1. утверждение First of all, work pays people money that they need to live on. пример For example, in order to buy food, pay the bills or go to have a rest people need money. 2. утверждение Secondly, work is a place where people interact sociallyпример For instance, going to work one meets other people with whom they communicate and have friendly or rival relationships. 

Moreover, work is a place where people can achieve some results that build self-esteem.


Essay Sample 10 


The most important thing in life is family. <<<< всё сочинение


Пара: family - work 


Синонимы: Family member / valuable / lonely / times of trouble / to be surrounded by / 


pir 1

linking words 1

мнение In my opinion family is the most important thing in life.

1. утверждение First of all, family can support a person in times of troubles. пример For example,  if one has some problems, family members are the first ones who will come to help. 2. утверждение Secondlyhaving a family is a part of human natureпример For instance, people need to be surrounded by those who really love them and family members are those who love each other without reservation

Moreover, without a family a person feels lonely.

Essay Sample 11 


The most important thing in life is friendship. <<<< всё сочинение


Пара: yes – no


Синонимы: human nature / bereft / saying / save / protected

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion the most important thing in life is friendship.

1. утверждение First of all, it is human nature to have friends. пример For example, without friends a person would feel lonely, sad and bereft of a lot of joy in their lives. 2. утверждение  Secondly, friends are those who always help in times of trouble. пример For instance, there is a saying, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”, which means that with good friends one can feel safe and protected. 


Essay Sample 12 


The most important thing in life is love. <<<< всё сочинение


Пара: love – money 


Синонимы: possession / inspire / to be in love / humanity / noble / forgiving


pir 1

linking words 1

мнение In my opinion love is indeed the most important possession one can have.

1.утверждение First of all, love can inspire people to do great things. пример For example, when a person is in love he or she becomes very creative and wants to do something important for humanity. 2. утверждение Secondly, love fills people's lives with a lot of positive emotionsпример For instance, such people in love want to get swept awaysing with rapture and dance like a dervish

Moreover, love makes people noble and more forgiving.


Essay Sample 13 


The most important thing in life is health. <<<< всё сочинение


Пара: health – family 


Синонимы: Possession / pain / unpleasant / achieve / poor health


pir 1

linking words 1

мнение In my opinion health is the biggest possession one can have. 

1. утверждение First of all, bad health makes a person focus on pain but not on his or her goals that they strive for.  пример For example, usually sick people forget about everything they can enjoy but think only about getting rid of the pain that tortures them. 2. утверждение Secondly, being sick a person cannot achieve what they want in their life. пример For instance, he or she wants to travel and see new countries but their poor health conditions do not allow them to do it.


Essay Sample 14 


Technical progress is always harmful for the environment. <<<< всё сочинение


Пара: Harmful- harmless 


Синонимы: Destructive / nature / run on / pulute / enviroment unfriendly / waste / fines


pir 1

linking words 1

мнение In my opinion technical progress in not always destructive for nature. 

1.утверждение First of all, technical progress has become more harmless nowadays. примерFor example, the modern cars can run on electricity, which means they do not pollute the environment at all. 2. утверждение Secondly, governments of different countries have made special laws that forbid using toxic or environmentally unfriendly plants and factories. пример For instance, if a plant dumps more waste than allowed, it gets huge penalty fines. 


Essay Sample 15 


The growth of cities is harmful for the environment. <<<< всё сочинение


Пара: Harmful- harmless 


Синонимы: Entertainment / protect / extinct / pullute / hybrids / solar / eco-friendly / spred out

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion the growth of cities is not always harmful for nature.

1. утверждение  First of all,  newer technologies allow people to build cities without polluting the environment. пример For example, there are a lot of eco-projects that make the environment even better. 2. утверждение  Secondly, nowadays cars, the most harmful elements of a city, have become much less polluting. пример For instance, there are many hybrids – gasoline cars that work partly on solar energy or electricity. Eco-friendly towns are developing more and more.  

Moreover, people have also begun to better care about nature.



Essay Sample 16 


Travelling abroad helps to understand your own country. <<<< всё сочинение


Пара: help – does not help 


Синонимы: enrich / enhance / extent / get a tan / experience

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion in order to understand something better one should be able to compare it with something else, and countries are no exception. It is a general principle and I support it. 1. утверждение First of all, when a person travels abroad he or she sees the differences in other countries compared to their own ones. пример For example, something that people took for granted in their home country suddenly becomes very valuable in another country.  2. утверждение  Second, people go to see different cultures and it makes them think more about their own because comparison is a part of human nature. пример For instance, a person cannot say if one thing is better than another without comparing them.



Essay Sample 17 


Playing sports helps to reduce stress. <<<< всё сочинение


Пара: helps – does not help


Синонимы:  minimise / displace / scientific research / prove / usefulness / neutralize


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion sports indeed minimizes the stress levels.

1. утверждение First of all, those who play sports forget about their problems while they are playing.  пример For example, stress is being displaced by positive emotions that come from playing football. 2. утверждение  Secondly, there is a lot of scientific research that proves the usefulness of sport. пример For instance, it is a scientific fact that stress is the result of hard work, overwork or some unpleasant activity mixed with worry. Playing sports is a pleasant activity that naturally neutralizes stress.



Essay Sample 18 


Having pets helps to reduce stress. <<<< всё сочинение


Пара: helps – does not help


Синонимы: minimise / main cause / due to / deal with / owner / entertain / in their turn

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion one way to minimize stress is to keep pets.

1. утверждение  First of all, one of the main causes of stress is focusing on something one does not want to deal with. пример For example, when a person sees a pet they change their focus from problems to something pleasant.  2. утверждение  Secondly, pets are always glad to see their owner. пример For instance, a cat gives a lot of positive emotions to its owner, entertaining them all the time. Positive emotions in their turn reduce stress.

Moreover, one can also play with their pets and this activity is really stress relieving.



Essay Sample 19 


Having a computer at home will help their children to get a better education. <<<< всё сочинение


Пара: helps – does not help


Синонимы: educational / app / entertaining /search for /to google / request


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion computers help children study better. 

1. утверждение  First of all, there are a lot of educational programs that help people to learn more and faster about the world. пример For example an app called Biofast teaches students biology in a very funny and entertaining way. 2. утверждение Secondly, one can use the Internet to search for some useful information. пример For instanceif a person googles a request, he or she will get the answer in a few seconds. 

Moreover, computers have become a part of modern life, as well as in education.




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