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Essay Sample 19

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Comment on the following statement:

Exams motivate students to study harder. 

What is your opinion? Do you agree with this statement?
Write 200-250 words.
Use the following plan:
—    make an introduction (state the problem)
—    express your personal opinion and give 2-3 reasons for your opinion
—    express an opposing opinion and give 1-2 reasons for this opposing opinion
—   explain why you don't agree with the opposing opinion
—    make a conclusion restating your position




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The question of exams and grades has been discussed for quite a long time. Some people say that exams are beneficial for learning process, whereas others do not agree. They believe that exams suppress pupils’ enthusiasm and bring too much stress in their life.

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In my opinion exams make students treat the subjects they study more seriously and learn them better. First of all, any test motivates a person to learn the subject better since the result will be graded. For example, one listens to some information and forgets it right away since they do not know if they need it in their future life. Secondly, the grades students get at exams characterize their level of preparation and ultimately give them a lot of advantages, if their marks are high. For instance, if a person has what we call “Red Diploma”, they enter a university without exams. 

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At he same time there are people who say that exams have bad influence on students. They claim that exams bring too much stress in pupils’ life and do not show their real knowledge.

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I do not agree with the opinion mentioned above. Stress is an integral part of human life and in reasonable amount it stimulates learning process well. Moreover, good marks are always pleasant to get and pleasure always reduce stress.

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In conclusion, I would like to say there are opposing view points on this issue. At first sightexams are stressful might suppress students, but in actual fact they increase pupils’ motivation. Thus, I strongly believe that exams motivate students to study harder.

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