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Essay Sample 1


Comment on the following statement:

      Some people think that science plays the most important role in the development of our civilization, others believe that our world would be impossible without poetry.

What is your opinion? Do you agree with this statement?
Write 200-250 words.
Use the following plan:
—    make an introduction (state the problem)
—    express your personal opinion and give 2-3 reasons for your opinion
—    express an opposing opinion and give 1-2 reasons for this opposing opinion
- explain why you don't agree with the opposing opinion
—    make a conclusion restating your position

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Some people think that science plays an essential part in the development of our civilization whereas others believe that our civilization would not be possible without poetry.

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I think there’s no question that science plays a key role in our progress. First of all, because of science, life expectancy across the globe is now 82 years as opposed to 55 years only one and a half century ago. Second, thanks to GMO engineering we’re now able to grow pesticide resistant crops and save people from starvation in countries like Africa. Our medicine is becoming more and more advanced and our technology now allows us to send rovers to Mars, as well as deal with potential asteroid threats.

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At the same time there’re people who believe that our world would be impossible without poetry. Some of our deepest thoughts are expressed in it, it helps us be more empathic and better understand other people’s feelings. It helps us relax and forget about our problems.

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In my opinion these people have a point. There’s no doubt that poetry, as well as good literature plays a very important role in the emotional growth of people. Poetry is important, however I believe that science contributes way more to the growth of our civilization. Poetry won’t cure you from deceases and it won’t feed you. It won’t shield you from deadly viruses or external threats that will one day come from space, but science will.

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In conclusion, I’d like to say that poetry helps us stay in touch with our feelings and not forget about human values and beliefs, whereas science helps develop technology and solve difficult problems. It’s hard to imagine life without either of those.


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