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Essay Sample 08

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Comment on the following statement:

The digital age will replace traditional department stores and boutiques with on-line shops. 

What is your opinion? Do you agree with this statement?
Write 200-250 words.
Use the following plan:
—    make an introduction (state the problem)
—    express your personal opinion and give 2-3 reasons for your opinion
—    express an opposing opinion and give 1-2 reasons for this opposing opinion
—   explain why you don't agree with the opposing opinion
—    make a conclusion restating your position




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Some people say that traditional department stores and boutiques will be replaced by on-line shops, whereas others consider that it is not true. They believe that real store and boutiques will remain in our lives forever.

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I think that on-line shops will totally substitute traditional ones. First of all, the choice in the Internet shops is much wider. For example, if a person does not know what they want to buy, they can try to find something in an on-line shop and order it. Secondly, there are people who have no time for shopping. That is why the best choice for them is an on-line shop, because they can easily find what they need and a delivery service will bring it to their home.

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However, there are people who believe that traditional stores will not be replaced by on-line shops. Firstly, there are a lot of people who like trying clothes before buying. Secondly, for many people shopping in big malls is a kind of pastime. 

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I do not agree with the statement mentioned above. After a courier brings ordered clothes, a person can try them and in case of any problems they can return clothes to the shop. It should be also mentioned that more and more people prefer to spend their free time in parks rather than wandering around stalls in big shopping malls. 

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In conclusion, I would like to say that there are opposing views on this issue. At first sight, traditional stores seem useful and comfortable, but in actual fact on-line shopping has more advantages. Thus, I strongly believe that traditional department stores and boutiques will be replaced with on-line shops.

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