Essay Sample 13


Фоменко Е.А.

Comment on the following statement:

      Some people think that television does our life more nervous and stressful.

What is your opinion? Do you agree with this statement?
Write 200-250 words.
Use the following plan:
—    make an introduction (state the problem)
—    express your personal opinion and give 2-3 reasons for your opinion
—    express an opposing opinion and give 1-2 reasons for this opposing opinion
- explain why you don't agree with the opposing opinion
—    make a conclusion restating your position

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Some people say that television makes our life harder whereas others don’t agree.

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I think that it depends on what you watch. First of all, if you watch educational programs or comedies your life becomes more peaceful and interesting. You laugh, you learn more about the world and feel better. Second, television is one of the main sources of information. There are good analytical shows where really clever people share their thoughts with others. It’s a very good way to learn how to think analytically.


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At the same time there are people who say that there is a lot of brain wash on television. News often lie about some events and agitate people against each other.


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In my opinion these people have a point. There are programs that are better not to watch at all. Nevertheless, it’s up to a person what show to watch. If one feels nervous and stressful after watching a show he should not watch it.


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In conclusion, I'd like to say that if we weigh all the facts that support bad influence of television against the ones that say that television is interesting, entertaining and educational, we'll see that the facts that support its usefulness outweigh those against.


Read by Neil Geitz