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Technology is an important part of our lives. We use computers and other electronic equipment at work...
The future of education – books or computers.

A pupil cannot study effectively without a computer
Having a computer at home will help their children to get a better education.

Mobile telephones have become very popular nowadays. However some people say that their use... 

Some people say that the inventions of email and text messaging have been wonderful for ... 

Virtual Internet communication results in losing real-life social skills.

Browsing the web is harmful to teenagers.

Shopping online is better then shopping in the mall.

The Internet has revolutionized the modern world.

Digital literacy is the key to success in any occupation.

Creative hobbies help to cope with stress.

Internet is the greatest time-waster.

The Internet is the biggest evil of our time.

Science is the first thing to be financed in the modern world.

Robots in peoples’ life.

Many teenagers enjoy playing computer games. Some people, however, believe that teenagers should spend... 

Lots of teenagers are keen on playing computer games. However adults are sure ...

The Internet has become one of the most popular ways of communication. However, is it ...


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1. Electronic devices are necessary helpers of people. For example, computers and other electronic gadgets make our lives easier. Most of what used to require human labor is now completely automated

2. Electronic equipment saves people a lot of time and energy, allowing them to do what they truly want. For instance, nowadays people do not have to go anywhere to pay their bills since they can do it through their phones or computers. 

3. Computers have become a part of people's daily lifeFor example, one can hardly find a sphere of interest where computers are not used.

4. It is easier and faster to work with information when it is in a digital form. For instance, on-line people can find some information they want almost instantly using a computer, while in a library it would take hours of research. 

5. Students also are using computers more and more for education

6. Pupils need to do some research in order to write a good essay or solve difficult problems. For example, to do some studying, students need information that can only be researched online.

7. Computers allow pupils to access the Internet where they can find all the information they need very fast. For instance, they type a request in a searching system and get the answer in a few seconds. 

8. Teachers can communicate with students via email, which also helps pupils study more effectively.

9. there are a lot of educational programs that help people to learn more and faster about the world. For example,  an app called Biofast teaches students biology in a very funny and entertaining way.

10. One can use the Internet to search for some useful informationFor instance, if a person googles a request, he or she will get the answer in a few seconds. 

11.Computers have become a part of modern life, as well as in education.

12. Pupils at schools should definitely not be allowed to use their phones in class. For example, even answering a single message can distract other pupil’s attention and it takes precious time to bring it back.

13. In places like hospitals and theaters it should be restricted as well. For instance, it is very annoying to hear someone’s phone ring when people are trying to enjoy a play, a movie or lying in bed in pain. People who use their phones in public places should be more considerate.

14. Communication online is as real as offline and communication on the Internet does not reduce abilities to interact in real-life.

15. When people communicate on the Internet they share the same ideas and emotions as in real-life. For example, when talking with a person on Skype, people laugh, rejoice, and experience the same emotions.

16. After developing a good friendship online in the beginning, when people meet each other in real-life they continue communicating with the same pleasure. 

17. The Internet is a huge source of informationFor example, if a person has some questions, now he or she usually starts looking for answers on the Internet.  

18. A person can know about all the latest events that happened in their country or the world. For instance, while searching for information, a person automatically will see a lot of headlines with the latest local, country or world events. 

19. Shopping online saves a lot of timeFor example, one does not need to go somewhere to buy things. Sometimes shopping “by foot” takes hours and hours.  

20. Online shopping allows people to buy things from different countriesFor instance, there are a lot of international shops where people can buy products and receive them in a few days.

21. Shopping online lets a person go through many more goods and find exactly what they need. 

22. The Internet gives instant assess to virtually any public information on earth. For example, if a person wants to know the temperature of the Aegean Sea now, he or she can get it in a few seconds.

23. The Internet creates a great opportunity for communicationFor instance, people can communicate with their friends by Skype, on their phone, or by computer app who might be many kilometers away and feel as if they were in the same room. 


Read by George Ann Dole


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