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Приведенный материал будет чрезвычайно полезен для тех, кто готовится к письменной части ЕГЭ 2020 по английскому языку. Мы рекомендуем сначала ознакомиться с правилами написания сочинений по английскому языку ЕГЭ. Затем прочитать максимальное количество сочинений БАНК СОЧИНЕНИЙ, конспектируя отдельные идеи и стилевые обороты, которые помогают их выражать. Перед самим экзаменом очень удобно повторить все пройденное, поэтому для этих целей мы свели все идеи в БАНК ИДЕЙ.


По многочисленным просьбам, мы сократили этот БАНК ИДЕЙ до нижеприведенных тезисов, которые позволят еще быстрее освежить в памяти весь материал изученный за годы подготовки. 


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  1. Is Coronavirus (COVID-19) really a problem or just Mass-media noise?


I think that COVID-19 is a real danger to society. 

a) COVID-19 works differently compared to previous major viruses.

b) the virus has quickly caused a Pandemic

Moreover, it has already caused a huge economic collapse in a lot of countries.


  1. A Difficult life situation is an opportunity to learn something or cruel fate?


In my opinion, any times of trouble can teach a person a lot of new and important things.

a) when problems appear, a person has to leave his or her  comfort zone.

b) having gotten into trouble, a person starts thinking differently.


  1. Some people think that to get a good education one should go abroad. 

In my opinion, one can get an excellent education in his or her own country.

a) studying in a native country is cheaper.

b) if a person goes somewhere to study, their learning efficiency.


04.Winter sports are the best way to develop stamina.


In my opinion, winter sports improve people’s stamina best of all.

a) the main winter sports require monotonous repetition of the same physical motions, which is the best way to strengthen endurance.

b) it is a scientific fact that human the body develops endurance better in winter.


05.An interesting plot is the main factor to contribute to a good movie.


In my opinion, an exciting plot is the most important contribution to any good, and interesting movie.

a) good plots grip one’s attention and keep it during the entire film.

b) gripping scenarios make a movie highly unpredictable.


06.Studying online is more interesting than stu­dying at school.


In my opinion, studying at school is the most interesting way to get a good education.

a) there are a lot of classmates who make the process of education really exciting.

b) the contact between students and teachers is better.

Consequently, teachers can explain course materials most interestingly in a physical classroom.


07.Virtual Internet communication results in losing real-life social skills.


a) when people communicate face-to-face they get a lot of nonverbal information.

b) talking to a real person makes people be more polite.


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1. Ecotourism is beneficial for local people and the environment.


In my opinion, ecological tourism helps local inhabitants and nature.

a) ecotourism was developed especially to benefit local inhabitants (people make the places better)

b) tourists communicate with local inhabitants to understand their life better. 

Moreover, tourists buy different things from the residents, helping them financially. 


2. Browsing the web is harmful to teenagers.


In my opinion, there is nothing bad in surfing the Internet.

a) the Internet is a huge source of information

b) person can know about all the latest events (headlights)


3. Shopping online is better then shopping in the mall.


In my opinion, buying things online is more convenient than purchasing in a shopping mall. 

a) it saves a lot of time.

b) buy things from different countries.

Moreover, shopping online lets a person go through many more goods and find exactly what they need. 


4. Getting a well-paid job is impossible without higher education.


In my opinion, one should have a higher education to get a well-paying job.

a) it is now a requirement of a lot of companies.

b) having a higher education characterizes a person in a particular way. 


5. Singing can help in learning foreign languages.


In my opinion, singing can help to learn foreign languages. 

a) singing harmonizes a person. 

b) one should memorize it, which means he or she exercises their memorizing skill.


6. The Internet has revolutionized the modern world.


In my opinion, the Internet can be called the greatest invention of the past century. 

a) it gives instant assessto information.

b) it great opportunity for communication.


7. Show me your room and I will tell you who you are.


In my opinion, the physical order in one’s room reflects the qualities of that person. 

a) tidinessis one of the most important characteristicsof a person.

b) a dirty and messy room says about person's self-respecta lot.


8. There are more disadvantages than advantages in living in the city.


In my opinion, living in the city has more advantages than disadvantages.

a) cities are exposed toall modern technological inventions first.(new gadgets)

b) cities offer opportunities to visitdifferent cultural events.(theaters, lectures)

Moreover, cities have a wider variety of lifestyles and people who can share the same visions of life.


9. It is better to go to university far away from your home-town than to continue living with your parents.


In my opinion, staying in your home-town gives more opportunities to study better.

a) if a person stays with his or her parents they do not have to deal with accommodation problems (cook, do washing, iron ).

b) when staying at home a student feels more psychologically safe.


10. It is important to teach beautiful handwriting to young children.


In my opinion, it is important for children to write beautifully.

a) beautiful handwriting develops an aesthetic perceptionin a person.

b) learning how to write wonderfully takes a lot of time and effort. (patience, discipline)



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