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I think that it is my older brother, Slava.


Example 1


First of all, he is always a perfect example for me. He is tall, fit and handsome. He is quite popular among his schoolmates and he tells me how to deal with others, to be a good friend, or become successful. Once, I had trouble with communicating with the opposite sex, girls. He gave me some good advice after which I was able to talk to girls more naturally.


Example 2


Second, he is the person who understands me best of all. I have no fear of telling him all my thoughts and troubles and he always helps me. I did not know which profession to choose for a long time. My brother said that I should try to be an artist. I started working in this direction and now I understand that I will make a good artist. People like my paintings.




So that’s why I think that the closest person in my family is my older brother.

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