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Прочитайте текст. Заполните пропуски в предложениях под номерами В4-В10 соответствующими формами слов, напечатанных заглавными буквами справа от каждого предложения. TEST 13 (part 1)

A phone call


Among the e-mails waiting for me at work one morning was one from a member of my staff. It was sent from his personal e-mail address and there was only his home phone number. Thinking something was wrong, I immediately called him.



A sleepy female voice answered and told me he was at work and would come home late in the evening.
(reported speech, при переходе из прошлого в будущее will меняется на would)



The worst moment was when I remembered that I had recently asked staff members to give me their home numbers. I went right down to the employee’s office to apologize for my call.
(bad – worse - the worst)



Later, however, he thanked me. I had awakened his daughter, who had an exam that morning but had forgotten to set her alarm. Thanks to my call, she hadn’t missed the exam.
(степень сравнения)



March 8 in Russia


In English-speaking countries they celebrate Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. In Russia we celebrate the International Women’s Day. Though it is called ‘International’, it is observed only in Russia and some CIS countries.
(present simple passive, т.к. это называется, а не само называет)



Boys and men bring flowers and small presents to girls and women they work or study with.
(man – ед.ч. men – мн.ч.)



It has become a tradition for husbands to do all house work on that day. There are many jokes about it being the only day of the year when they do this.
(present perfect, т.к. действие началось в прошлом, и продолжается до настоящего)