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Would you support the building of a factory in your neighborhood?

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I live in a place where there are not any factories close to my home. The area is well kept and the forest is full of nature, animals, flowers and birds. A lot of people think that we should protect this nature and preserve it for future generations. Whereas others say that industries that create employment for local people must be encouraged.

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Those in support of development at the expense of the environment say, “unpolluted air and well maintained, protected forests are important but peoples livelihoods and job creation should take precedent.” That damage to the environment is a small price to pay if we achieve better standards of living for our people. Factories produce many things that we just can’t live without, for example clothes, heating and electricity. So I would not mind building a factory in my neighborhood.

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The problem with building a conventional factory is the damage that it could cause to nature and the local environment. To fix this damage would require a lot of money and time. If it’s a nuclear plant, it might take hundreds or even thousands of years for the environment to recover.

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On the other hand, there are now new innovative technologies that allow us to build ecologically friendly factories. Usually these technologies come with a financial burden but it is well worth it if it limits the pollution emitted into the air and our waters.

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In conclusion I would like to say that the manufacturing of goods is important and we shouldn't stop development but we must also take into account the damage it causes to the environment. I would be in support of building a factory in my neighborhood if safeguards were put in place to protect our forests and the air that we all breathe.


Read by Neil Geitz