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Do you agree or disagree? "Television has hindered people’s ability to communicate with one another”.

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Television takes up a lot of time in people’s lives. We watch different programs that give us important information about what is happening in the world and at the same time giving us lots of entertainment. Some people say that because of this people don’t have any time to communicate with each other. Whereas others say that if you want to communicate with other people you can always find the time for this.

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In my opinion, if a person really wants to communicate with his friends, he will find the time for it. I really love watching different TV series but when my friends go somewhere I always go with them. First things first, I say to myself and do what I have to do. I realize that communication with people I like is the most important thing for me so I act accordingly.

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Others say, television does hinder our communication skills between one another. There are a lot of interesting programs that people prefer to watch instead of being social and communicating with each other. There are also plenty of TV series that take up your free time because they are really gripping and you can not stop watching them.

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There will always be so called important things to do. I call them routine. I think that one should have priorities or hierarchy of the important things to do. Otherwise not really important things like television will consume all your time.

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In conclusion I would like to say that television might really hurt your ability to communicate with other people. But I also think that we can control it and not become addicted to it. There is always a big temptation to fall into this trap but we should learn how to manage and resist these urges.


Read by Neil Geitz