Some people believe that 'travel broadens the mind'. They believe that when you travel to other places...
Travelling abroad helps to understand your own country.
Young people like travelling more than senior citizens. (mp3)
In recent years tourism has really taken off. However, many people think that tourism ruins ...
Travel broadens the mind.

Some people prefer to travel abroad; others say that there is much to be seen in our own country
International tourism has grown a lot in recent years, with more and more people travelling ...
Would you prefer to live in one place for most of your life or travel and settle in different places? (mp3) 
Some young people consider an aircraft to be the most convenient and fastest way of travelling. Others are ...


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1. A lot of people travel specifically to learn more about new countries and their cultures. For example, they may go to China to learn to cook in the Chinese tradition.

2. People even learn new languages to get a better experience. If one’s goal for a trip is just to relax on a beach and get a tan, they will learn a country’s culture only a little.

3. When a person travels abroad he or she sees the differences in other countries compared to their own ones. For example, something that people took for granted in their home country suddenly becomes very valuable in another country.

4. People go to see different cultures and it makes them think more about their own because comparison is a part of human nature. For instance, a person cannot say if one thing is better than another without comparing them.

5. Young people's health is good which allows them to endure many difficulties better than senior travelers can endure. For example, when visiting countries with hot climates, unlike elderly people, young people can endure higher heat much better.

6. The joy that they derive from such trips is higher than pensioners have because their life is full of desires and expectations for something new and exciting. For instance, young travelers go to different places to see new ways of life and different national cultures, which bring them a lot of positive emotions.

7. Tourists spend a lot of money in the places they visit. In some towns tourists even have to pay fees to enter. For example, all this money goes to develop the places and fix the damage caused by tourists.

8. Tourists are as a rule cultured people that do not usually destroy everything around. 

9. Going abroad broadens one’s mindFor example, such travelers have a chance to see different people, their customs and experience their culture. 

10. A person can extend their academic knowledgeFor instance, one can practice foreign languages and make new foreign friends. 

11. Moreover, a person can try different cuisines that are very tasty.

12. Traveling helps to overcome stereotypes and clichés that a traveler might have.

12. Traveling abroad, learning other languages is a part of a cultural and educated person.