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Personally, I think that my favorite movie is "Groundhog Day".


Example 1


First of all, it is a romantic-comedy and I love all comedy films. The leading male and female actors are Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell. They acted really well. I like them in their other movies too.


Example 2


Second, the movie is quite philosophical. It shows that a selfish, egocentric person can not be truely happy even if he/she can get any material thing he wants. He is stuck in a type of "personal Hell" where every day is February 2nd, Groundhog Day in Pawsetawny, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Phil, the main character, starts experimenting with immortality by trying different ways to be happy. He ends up by serving all the people he was selfish to in town. When he quits being selfish and starts serving people he wins Rita's love and becomes truely happy. Only then does he wake up to the next day, February 3rd.




So, I can somewhat identify with the Phil character. That’s why I like this movie most of all.

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