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The geology department is aware of the problems surrounding of group work, and its unpopularity among students. We realize that in some cases students do not contribute and thus gain marks they do not deserve, while stronger students are frustrated at being held back by weaker students. Similarly, it is very difficult for tutors to award marks for group projects, as it is unclear who is responsible for each part.

However, the department feels that there is a great deal to be gained from group work, in terms of self-organization and communication skills. To this end, we plan to introduce a system whereby the group work itself is not formally assessed, but each student will undertake an individual piece of work based on the group project, which will be designed to ensure participation in the project.





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(Male) Thank goodness the department has made changes to the way they assess group work! I had a nightmare last term with our geology project. I couldn’t bear going through that again!

(Female) Why, what happened?

(Male) Well, there were three of us in the group. One guy worked really hard, but he didn’t trust anyone else to do anything. He just wanted to do it all himself.

(Female) It sounds like you were freeloading.

(Male) Well, I wasn’t. I offered up plenty of ideas, but he kept saying they were no good. In the end, I stopped trying and left it to him. The other guy was a waste of space. He didn’t pull his weight at all. We barely saw him.

(Female) Did you get a good grade?

(Male) A reasonable one, considering how little work I did.  But I’m sure I’d have done better if I’d been given the chance to say what I wanted.

Female) Well, the new system should give you that opportunity.

(Male) Yeah, I hope so, though I wish they’d abolish group work altogether.  All this organization and communication is just a waste of time. It’s got nothing to do with geology.


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One of three didn’t truest anyone to do anything

My ideas – no good

The second – didn’t show up

Communication skills are nothing to do with geology




The man expresses his opinion of group work. State and explain his opinion. Compare his opinion with the opinion of the geology faculty.






The announcement says that geology department is aware of the problem connecting with grading the students working in groups. It wants to change the rules and grade students individually according to their particular work.




Two friends are discussing if it’s a good change or not. The man’s opinion is that it’s is a wonderful idea. He gives a few reasons to support it


First, the man says that working in groups was a nightmare. There were three people in his group. One of them didn’t let others work and was focused only on his ideas without letting others have a say.


Second, the second guy showed up rarely. Just didn’t take part in the project at all.


The speaker agrees with the opinion of the geology department that one’s work should be estimated individually. Although he doesn’t like one part, he thinks that teem work has nothing to do with geology.




So that's why in general he likes the changes and says how horrible everything was before these changes.

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Vocabulary (используйте карточки для слов, которые сложно запоминаются):



according to [əˈkɔːrdɪŋ]

в соответствии с 


have a say

высказать свою точку зрения


show up



estimat [ˈestɪmeɪt]



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