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Library heating systems will turn off.


From the beginning of this semester, all school buildings except the libraries around campus are scheduled to turn off the heating system after 5 o'clock. Two months research shows that only small numbers of students are left after 5 in most buildings and the heating system requires a lot of energy and money to operate. The elevators also will stop only on floors through 7 after 5 o’clock. The money saved from this service will be used to build a new snack bar in the main cafeteria.





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I think this policy is unfair. We usually study together in the empty classrooms after class. As you know our classes are mostly over at 4:30 and if we grab a salad or sandwich at the snack bar it's almost 5. That's the time we start studying together. It's hard to imagine standing in a building with the radiator shut off during the winter season. We can’t study in a classroom with no heat on. Everyone's going to freeze. Always been pretty busy with classes and projects I can't bring all the work home. I'm talking about the library. Students don't find the library comfortable at all.

There is not space available for students to gather and study together. We can't make noise at the large tables where students are studying individually. And even the students lounges are not large enough to study together. With students eating snacks all the time, we don't want to study under those poor conditions every day. If the university doesn't care about the students, who else will?



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Not fair

Over at 4.30

Cold at winter season

Can’t bring all the work home

Can’t study together in a library





The woman expresses her opinion about the announcement. State her opinion and explain the reasons she gave for holding this opinion. 






The announcement says that the administration is going to switch off the heating system after 5 o’clock. The elevators also will be turned off. On the saved money they are going to open a snack bar.




Two friends are discussing if it’s a good proposal or not. The woman’s opinion is that it’s is not a good idea. She gives a few reasons to support it. 


First, she says that it’s not fair. They usually study together after classes and the classes finish at 4:30. It’s too cold to study in rooms with switched off heating system.


Second, libraries are not comfortable for studying in groups. It’s going to make noise and it doesn’t have enough space for groups.




So that’s why she doesn’t like the change.

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Vocabulary (используйте карточки для слов, которые сложно запоминаются):



fair [feər]



space [speɪs]

пространство, место


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