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Emotional expression of personal regret is the state of remorse. This is closely related to guilt and self-directed resentment. People feel remorse when they believe their actions were wrong. Consumers remorse is the concept of regretting a purchase after buying an item. Buyers may focus on the negative aspects of the product they have just purchased and feel regret about their actions. People in Marketing are fully aware of this concept and have tried to find ways to counter that phenomenon. It is indeed their job to convince consumers to buy a certain product, but it is also true that marketers have to make sure that the consumer is happy with the product and that they wont return it out of regret. 





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OK so I'd like to give you my example of the impact of consumers’ remorse. Last year my car had broken and what I was told by the repair person was that I had to buy a new one. Actually having a new one for the first time in my life I did all of the research. And all of the researching I had a few interactions with the salesman read the reviews on the Internet and compared the prices online and off-line. You know it was going to be my first new car. I was so excited. After purchasing the car I was on cloud nine. Just as you are when you get your new computer or when you get new jewelry you really wanted. That feeling lasted for a week or so.

But as time passed that sense of remorse, sense of regret was rising inside. Wasn't the best choice was at the perfect time to buy the car. I was starting to regret and tried to renounce the purchase. But then I got a phone call from the car company. The salesman asked me if there was any problem and then asked if I was satisfied with my purchase. He said my car got the best car reviews of the month. The company happened to give me a call just at the moment I was starting to regret. It means they gave a call to the customer to ensure that his purchase was the best bet.

I got these calls monthly and I stopped regretting. After receiving their phone calls I totally blew off my anxiety.



1. old car broke 

2. bought new

3. was really happy

4. remorse / regrat / wanted to give it back

5. a phone call that passified me





Describe the consumer’s remorse based on the lecture and how the car company dealt with this problem.







The passage is about Consumer’s remorse, which is defined as an emotional expression of personal regret.




The professor gives an example of his car. He bought his first new car because his old one finally broke down. After buying the car he was really happy for a while but then remorse, a sense of regret, started rising inside. Was it the best choice? Was it the perfect time to buy it? He started regreting about his purchase and seriously considered to return it. But a salesman called and calmed him down. He convinced the professor that it was the best choice he could make.




That’s how this company deals with Consumer’s remorse. They make a call to the customer to make sure that he is happy about his purchase.


Read by George William Dole

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Vocabulary (используйте карточки для слов, которые сложно запоминаются):



remorse [rɪˈmɔːrs]

сожаление, жалость


regret [rɪˈɡret]



purchase [ˈpɜːrtʃəs]

покупка, приобретение


consider [kənˈsɪdər]

рассматривать, обдумывать


Read by George William Dole


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