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Essay Sample 02

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Comment on the following statement:

Browsing the web is harmful to teenagers.  

What is your opinion? Do you agree with this statement?
Write 200-250 words.
Use the following plan:
—    make an introduction (state the problem)
—    express your personal opinion and give 2-3 reasons for your opinion
—    express an opposing opinion and give 1-2 reasons for this opposing opinion
—   explain why you don't agree with the opposing opinion
—    make a conclusion restating your position



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Some people think that surfing the Internet has a bad influence on young people, whereas others do not agree. They are sure that it is beneficial.

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In my opinionthere is nothing bad in surfing the Internet. First of all, the Internet is a huge source of informationFor example, if a person has some questions, now he or she usually starts looking for answers on the Internet.  Secondly, a person can know about all the latest events that happened in their country or the world. For instance, while searching for information, a person automatically will see a lot of headlines with the latest local, country or world events. 

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At the same time, there are people who think that living virtually on the web is a disaster for a young child's consciousness since they substitute the real life with a virtual one.

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I do not agree with the opinion mentioned above. Anything might be harmful if people misuse it and browsing the Internet is not an exception.The educational and social benefits far surpass the negative influences.

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In conclusionI would like to say there are opposing views on this issue. At first sight, surfing the Internet might be harmful for young minds but in actual fact it serves them as a big help in education and social interactions. Thus, I strongly believe that there is nothing bad in browsing the web.

Read by George William Dole