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Essay Sample 01 


Ecotourism is beneficial for local people and the environment.


Пара: beneficial – not beneficial 


Синонимы: faster / easier / aficient / effective


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение: In my opinion ecological tourism helps local inhabitants and nature. 

1. утверждение  First of all, this kind of tourism was developed especially to benefit local inhabitantsand theirenvironment. пример For example, while traveling tourists do not litteror harm the places they visit but rather, make them better. 2. утверждение  Secondly, tourists communicate with local inhabitants to understand their life better.  пример For instance, it is not enough just to go to a place and see it. It is better to talk with people who live there, who know a lot about the history of the place. 

Moreover, tourists buy different things from the residents, helping them financially. 


Essay Sample 02 


Browsing the web is harmful to teenagers.


Пара: harmful – not harmful


Синонимы: time / energy / substantial / live up / a fortunate / profession 


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion there is nothing bad in surfing in the Internet. 

1. утверждение First of all, the Internet is a huge source of information. пример For example, if a person has some questions, now he or she usually starts looking for answersin the Internet.   2. утверждение Secondly, a person can know all the latest news that happened in his  country andthe world.  пример For instance, searching for information, a person automatically will see a lot of headlines with the latest local, country and world events. 


Essay Sample 03 


Shopping online is better then shopping in the mall.


Пара:  better -worse


Синонимы: to be worth doing / against / quality time / 


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinionbuying things on line is more convenient then purchasing in a shopping mall.

1. утверждение  First of all, it saves a lot of time. пример  For example, one doesnot need to go somewhere to buy things. Sometimes shopping “by foot” takes hours and hours.  2. утверждение  Secondly, online shopping allows to buy things from different countries. пример For instance, there are a lot of international shops where people can buy products and receive them in a few days.

Moreover, shopping online lets a person go through larger numbers of goods and find exactly what they need. 


Essay Sample 04 


Getting a well-paid job is impossible without higher education.


Пара:  bad – not bad


Синонимы: educational / master skills / develop / improve / get better / enhance 

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinionone should have a higher education to get a well-paying job.

1. утверждение First of all, it is now a requirementof a lot of companies.  пример For example, a person has to fill in an employment form before being interviewed and hired. This form contains a question about higher education and a negative answer makes the possibility of getting a job extremely low.  2. утверждение Secondly, having a higher education characterizes a person in a particular way. пример For instance, to get a diploma one should go through a lot of academic difficulties and learn enough information about different things related to his or her specialty. 


Essay Sample 05 


Singing can help in learning foreign languages.


Пара: can help – cannot help 


Синонимы: opportunities / entertainment / technological things / spread / megapolis / afford 


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion singing can help in learning foreign languages. 

1. утверждение  First of all, singing harmonizes a person. пример For example, it makes a person listen to the rhythm and lyrics of a song and then copy it. This is the same method language learners use when they learn languages as children.  2. утверждение  Secondly, before singing a song one should memorize it, which means he or she exercises their memorizing skill. Strong memory is an essential part of any learning, especially languages.


Essay Sample 06 


The Internet has revolutionized the modern world.


Пара: revolutionized – not revolutionized  


Синонимы: develop skills / diverse / reflexes / attention / fatal / route 

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion the Internet can be called the greatest invention of the past century.

1. утверждение First of all, it gives instant assess to almost any information in the world. пример For example, if a person wants to know the temperature of the Aegean Sea now, he or she can get it in a few seconds. 2. утверждение  Secondly, the Internet creates a great opportunity to for communication. пример For instance,  a person can communicate with their friends by Skype of other phone or computer apps who might be many kilometers away and feel as if they were near. 


Essay Sample 07 


Show me your room and I will tell you who you are.


Пара: agree – disagree 


Синонимс: dangerous / fix / damage / harm

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion the physical order in one’s room reflects the qualities of that person.

1. утверждение First of all, tidiness is one of the most important characteristics of a person. пример For example, if a person has a messy room, he or she usually has a messy or disorganized mental attitude. 2. утверждение  Second, a dirty and messy room says something about self-respect.  пример For instance, it is a scientific fact that people who do not respect themselves do not gain respect from others. It means that other people will avoid communicating with such a person.


Essay Sample 08 


There are more disadvantages than advantages in living in the city.


Пара: agree – disagree


Синонимы: To be fashionable / killing time / slander money 


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion living in the city has more advantages than disadvantages. 

1. утверждениеFirst of all, cities are exposed to all modern technological inventions first. пример For example, all new gadgets come to the cities first and then appear in towns, villages and other remote places. 2. утверждение Secondly, cities offer opportunities to visit different cultural events. For instance, one can go to theaters or attend lectures of famous writers or scientists.

Moreover, cities have a wider variety of lifestyles and people who can share the same life visions of life.


Essay Sample 09 


It is better to go to university far away from your home-town than to continue living with your parents.


Пара: it is better – it is not better


Синонимы: Major / specialty / 

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion, staying in home-town gives more opportunities to study better. 

1. утверждение First of all, if a person stays with his or her parents they do not have to deal with accommodation problems.  пример For example, parents usually cook for their children, do washing, iron clothes and so on.  2. утверждение Secondly, staying at home a student feels more psychologically safe. пример For instance, one knows everything and everyone around which allows them not to spend time and energy on socializing that in its turn increases the efficiency of studying. 


мнение In my opinion it is better to go to university that is located in a different town or city.

1. утверждение First of all, living in a new place teaches personal independence. пример For example, one has to take care of their own needs like cooking, managing apartment budgets and so on. 2. утверждение Secondly, a person has to learn how to deal with roommates. пример For instance, usually those who study in a different town livein a hostel and share a room with someone else which require developing particular qualities to get along well with everyone.


Essay Sample 10 


It is important to teach beautiful handwriting to young children.


Пара: importent – not important 


Синонимы: traits / pity / express themselves / contain / features

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение In my opinion it is important for children to write beautifully. 

1. утверждение First of all, beautiful handwriting develops an aesthetic perception in a person.  пример For example, those who write beautifully arrange everything around them in a very pleasant way to look at. 2. утверждение  Secondlylearning how to write wonderfully takes a lot of time and effort. It means that a person has to develop patience and discipline to obtain this result. In turn, beautiful handwriting will improve results in learning other subjects since good qualities and skills tend to transfer from one subject to another.




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