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What kind of influence do the media (Television, movies, and so forth) have on people?

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The purpose of the media and mainstream TV is to give unbiased sources of information and good programming to the general population. Any information can be shown in different light or angle depending on the objectives and origins of the program makers. Media also has a positive effect on people as it is gives the viewer important information that helps them to understand what proper and true values are. Whereas the more skeptical may say that it just brainwashes the innocent viewer.

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In my opinion, it all depends on the programs you watch. You can find good analytical programs that can give you a lot of information that give you a lot to think about. The Discovery channel is a good example of this. There is nobrain-washing there, just knowledge.

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Those who say that the influence of the media has a negative and destructive side effect have their point. There are always going to be programs that impact us in a negative way with no good coming out of them. So it’s better not to watch television at all.

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In my opinion, it sounds like,if there are car accidents we should stop using cars, which is ridiculous. We can’t stop using cars or watching television.

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In conclusion, I would like to say that you can find a lot of good and bad influences that television has on people, but if you compare good and bad, I think overall, the positives of the media far outweigh the negatives. So it all depends on your view point and how you look at it.


Read by Neil Geitz