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Street knowledge vs. book knowledge

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There are many of ways of learning. Some people prefer to get information from books. Let’s call that theoretaical knowledge. Whereas others would rather learn things on the street. We'll call this practical knowledge.

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Those people who defend book knowledge say that first you have to know things before you can accomplish anything. All great inventions were made first theoretically and later they were proved practically. I think that the mind must form a theory first, before it can become a practical reality, before it can be made into a useful object.

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Those who support practical knowledge say that there have been a lot of inventions that came from experience. First, people did something new and wonderful then understood it.

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I think that they are both right to some extent. Although I must admit that that theoretical knowledge is potentially much more vest than practical knowledge. Street knowledge is minor compared to book knowledge.

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In conclusion, I would like to repeat the words of one of the greatest Russian commanders, Alexander Suvorov, «Theory is dead without practice and practice is blind without theory». They both support each other. But personally I would give more points to theory, which is book knowledge.

Read by Neil Geitz