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Does food that is easy to prepare make life better?

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Some people like to eat food that they can prepare quickly. It saves them a lot of time and the recipes are not difficult. On the other hand, this food might not be very healthy or tasty.

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I think food that is easy to cook is good for busy people. It’s better to eat something fast than remain hungry. Nowadays a lot of people work hard and they don’t have any time for anything including eating. That’s why there are a lot of half-prepared products that they can cook quickly and save some time for other things that they think are worth doing.

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The others say that instant foods are not healthy at all. All the vitamins and nutrients are missing. Eating such food can lead one to different health issues.

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As far as I know the latest flash-freezing technology saves food very well. Almost all nutritious things remain in it. I also think that it’s far worse for health to remain hungry and keep working hard.

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In conclusion, I would like to say that easily prepared food saves people more time and money which means it makes people’s lives in some way better. I also think that the quality of life depends on how much joy you get every moment and cooking might be a very pleasant activity for some people. 

Read by Neil Geitz