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Do you agree or disagree? "Libraries and Sporting Facilities have a similar importance for students attending colleges and universities".

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It’s really a difficult task to compare the importance of libraries and sports in education because they are absolutely different. Libraries are a place of study and research that loan you books so that students can learn new information. Sports exercise your body and keep you in good shape. They are both equally importantfor students. Whereas others say that libraries are more important or vice versa.

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I think both of them are important for getting a good education. The purpose of a college is to give good education, which means what is important for the college is just as important for a student’s future development and success. So if a college has these things on its studyplan, they are both important for getting the final purpose.

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There are some students who think that they need to put a lot of effort into study to get a good education. So they spend plenty of time in libraries preparing for their tests. They might neglect their physical condition for the sake of getting more knowledge.

There are those who prefer libraries over sports. They always receive good grades, which is the meaning of studying. We come here to get knowledge and nothing more, they say.

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Such students receive the grades although their health may suffer as a consequence. So the trade off forbetter grades is that their health may not compare as favorably as that of the students who spend more time in the gym. Or if you prefer gym to library you forget about the purpose of your studying – getting knowledge.

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So in conclusion I would like to say that these are two very important elements for receiving a good education. If you study a lot in the library and don’t care about the health benefits that sports give you, your body will be weak, you will have less energy and you could be more susceptible to illnesses. On the other hand, if you don’t go to the library and utilize all that it has to offer, your education may suffer. This is not good for your future development or expanding your horizons. The final conclusion is that both play an equally important role in education.


Read by Neil Geitz