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Are parents good teachers of their children?

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Some people claim that parents are the best teachers everwhereas others say that parents love their children too much to be good teachers.

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I think that parents are the best teachers for their children. First, they know their children well. They teach us from childhood how to talk, how to walk, good manners and many other things. Later they give us advice about our own children.

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Some say that because of their great affection towards their own children, parents can’t teach properly. Sometimes a teacher has to be strict with his student and it’s hard for loving parents.

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In my opinion love doesn’t mean letting you do whatever you want. It means justice and fairness, something that a lot of parents understand.

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So in general I think that parents are very good teachers. They teach by their own example and since they know their children best of all they can offer knowledge in a way that can be understood.  I’ve seen a lot of examples when parents were the perfect teachers for their children.


Read by Neil Geitz



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