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Writing 13

You have 20 min to do this task. 
This is part of a letter from Brian, your English pen friend:

     ... Excuse me for a short letter but my mother is waiting for me to go shopping. How I hate these long walks around the supermarket pushing a trolley. But mother thinks it's my duty to help her carry food for the whole week.
And do you go shopping with your parents? Do you feel comfortable in big supermarkets or in small boutiques? What are the things you really like buying?

Write a letter and answer his 3 questions.
Write 100 – 200 words. Remember the rules of letter writing.


Russia 24th April


Dear Brian,        Thank you for your letter, but I'm afraid you've complained to a wrong person, as I'm a shopaholic.        It doesn't matter much who my shopping company is. I feel like a fish in any kinds of shops. The thing is that I relax this way and I adore the process of buying (even window shopping will do). I really like buying clothes and cosmetics. I have nothing against gifts and goods for pets.        So, try to take your shopping duties for granted, will you? And imagine the joy of people whom you're going to give presents.        Have to end to do my shopping trip.        Write back,