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Writing 26

Музланова Е.С. 2013

Музланова Е.С.

You have 20 min to do this task.
You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend Mattew, who writes:
    ...It's great that you help to clean your city park. I have always thought of doing some voluntary work to help our environment. Could you advise me what environmental organisation to join? How old do volunteers need to be? Will I need any special qualifications? I do not have much experience of environmental work but I like going for walks. I've recently started bird-watching as a hobby.
    Oh, I've got to go now as I am late for my football training. Hope to hear from you soon.

Write back to Mattew. In your letter:
- answer his questions
- ask 3 questions about his new hobby
Write 100 – 140 words. Remember the rules of letter writing.



36 Novoslobodskaya
December 7th, 2015

       Dear Mathew,

       I am really glad to receive your letter. Sorry, I didn't respond to your letter right away. I am glad to know about your recent hobby.

       As for the environmental organization, you can join the one recognized by government in your area. As a matter of fact, you don't need any special qualification to join. The main thing is your desire, the qualification and age don’t matter.

       Btw, do you go on walks in the morning? What kind of birds are you interested in particular? Do you have any football matches coming up?

       Actually, I’ve got to go now. It’s time for my favorite TV show.

       Write me when you can!