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Writing 11

Музланова Е.С. 2013

Музланова Е.С.

You have 20 min to do this task.
You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend Rob, who writes:
    ...We are doing a project at school on how computers are changing people's lives. Please could you tell me how computers are changing things and what people think of them? Have you got a computer at home? What do you use it for?
    As for me, I'm going on holiday with my parents next weekend...

Write back to Rob. In your letter:
- answer his questions about computers
- ask 3 questions about his holiday
Write 100 – 140 words. Remember the rules of letter writing.



36 Novoslobodskaya
December 7th, 2015

       Dear Rob,

       I am glad to see your letter. Sorry, I couldn't respond to your letter right away. I am dyeing to know more about your school project.

       As for computers, computers are being used in just about every field and people find them very useful for doing any kind of task easily. I have a computer at home too. I use it for doing my homework, watching movies online and finding useful for learning english, finding interesting information on Google. As a matter of fact, my parents also use it.

       Btw, where are you going on holiday with your parents? What will you be doing there? Is it far from where you live?

       Actually, I’ve got to go now. It’s time for my favorite TV show.

       Write me when you can!