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Музланова Е.С. 2013

Музланова Е.С.

You have 20 min to do this task.
You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend Sheryl, who writes:
    ...My friend and I are planning to start a new hobby but we haven't decided yet what hobby to choose. Do you have any hobbies? Do you feel you have enough time for your hobbies? What hobbies are popular with teenagers in Russia? Are there any hobbies you'd like to take up?
As for my school exams, they are almost over and I'm looking forward to my summer break....

Write back to Sheryl. In your letter:
- answer her questions
- ask 3 questions about her plans for the summer
Write 100 – 140 words. Remember the rules of letter writing.



36 Novoslobodskaya
December 7th, 2015

       Dear Sheryl,

       I am really glad to receive your letter. Sorry, I couldn't respond to your letter right away. I am intrigued to know about your new hobby.

       As for my hobbies, I love to play the guitar and take pictures. Sometimes I don’t find enough time for my hobbies. Teenagers over here love music, some collect old coins, others like to make new friends on social nets. If I get more time, I would love to learn to paint as a hobby.

       Oh and by the way, what hobbies are you considering to take up? Did you consider joining any hobby club in your summer holidays? What hobby does your friend like?

       I’m sorry, I’ve got to go now. It’s time for my supper.

       Write me when you can!






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