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Writing 10

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Клековкина Е.,
Манн М.,
Тейлор-Ноулз С.

You have 20 min to do this task.
You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend Andrea, who writes:

       ...Guess what! I'm ill with chickenpox and the doctor says I have to stay in bed for at least the next two weeks. It's awful! Have you ever had to stay in bed for a long time because you were ill? How am I going to pass the time? I'll be so bored! What can I do for two weeks in bed? I'm going to miss such a lot of schoolwork, too. How will I manage to catch up?
       Write soon,

Write a letter to Andrea. In your letter:
- answer his questions
- ask 3 questions about the trip
Write 100 – 140 words. Remember the rules of letter writing.


36 Novoslobodskaya
December 7th, 2014

       Dear Andrea,

       Thank you very much for your letter. I was so happy to get it.

       I am sorry to hear that you are sick.

       As a matter of fact, I did have to stay in bed for quite a long time when I broke my leg. As for me, I played iPad games and watched different movies. You can do the same.

       My friends came to visit me and brought me homework. They helped me understand some difficult things in math, as well.

       What are the symptoms of this disease? Do you have a temperature? Is your brother ill, too?

       Unfortunately, I have to run now. I will write you later.

       Take care,