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Прочитайте текст с пропусками, обозначенными номерами. Эти номера соответствуют заданиям А22-А28, в которых представлены возможные варианты ответов. Обведите номер выбранного вами варианта ответа. TEST  23  ( part 3)

 The Model Millionaire

   Unless one is wealthy there is no A22 ................... in being a charming fellow. Romance is the privilege of the rich, not the profession of the unemployed. The poor should be practical and prosaic. It is better to have a permanent A23 ................... than to be fascinating. These are the great truths of modern life which Hughie Erskine never realised. Poor Hughie! Intellectually, we must A24 ..................., he was not of much importance. He never said a brilliant thing in his life. But then he was wonderfully good-looking, with his crisp brown hair, his clear-cut profile, and his grey eyes. He was as popular with men as he was with women, and he had every accomplishment except that of A25 ................... his living. 

   His father had bequeathed him his cavalry sword, and a History of the Peninsular War in fifteen volumes. Hughie hung the first over his looking-glass, put the second on a shelf between Ruff's Guide and Bailey's Magazine, and lived on two hundred a year that an old aunt allowed him. He had tried everything. He had gone to the Stock Exchange for six months; but what was a butterfly to do among bulls and bears? He had been a tea-merchant for a little longer. Then he had tried A26 ................... dry sherry. That did not answer either. Ultimately he became nothing, a delightful, ineffectual young man with a perfect profile and no profession. 

   To make matters worse, he was in love. The girl he loved was Laura Merton, the daughter of a retired Colonel who had lost his A27 ................... and his digestion in India, and had never found either of them again. Laura adored him, and he was ready to kiss her shoe-strings. They were the loveliest couple in London, and had not a penny between them. The Colonel was very A28 ................... of Hughie, but would not hear of any engagement. 

   'Come to me, my boy, when you have got ten thousand pounds of your own, and we will see about it,' he used to say; and Hughie looked very glum on those days, and had to go to Laura for consolation.



1) aim

2) use

3) idea

4) good


1) income

2) outcome

3) payment

4) benefit


1) adopt

2) admit

3) adjust

4) admire


1) doing

2) scratching

3) earning

4) getting


l) selling

2) sell

3) to sell

4) sold


1) temp

2) tempera

3) temperament

4) temper


1) keen

2) enthusiastic

3) fond

4) satisfied