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New Seven Wonders of the World: the Great Wall of China


Just like a gigantic dragon, the Great Wall runs up and down deserts, mountains and grasslands for 6,700 kilometers from east to west of China. It is one of the greatest wonders of the world with more than 2,000 years of history.



The Great Wall was built by several Chinese dynasties in order to protect the Chinese Empire from different aggressors.



The building of the Wall of stone and earth began in the 6th century BC and lasted until the 16th century AD.



It is known that from 2 to 3 million Chinese people died during its construction.



Since then, the Great Wall of China has become a symbol of wisdom and bravery of the Chinese people and a monument of the Chinese nation for many hundreds of years.



Nowadays, a visit to the Great Wall is like a tour through history backwards; it brings tourists great excitement to walk on the Great Wall of China, to stand on a watchtower and view the wall disappearing in the distance.



This treasure is protected by UNESCO and future generations will see the Great Wall with the same wonder and amazement as we do now.


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