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Прочитайте текст с пропусками, обозначенными номерами. Эти номера соответствуют заданиям А21-А28, в которых представлены возможные варианты ответов. Обведите номер выбранного вами варианта ответа. TEST  13  ( part 3)



Monday, 14th March

I overslept this morning. I don't know how it happened. I'm sure I A21 set the alarm last night as usual. At least, I think I did. I remember having a cup of tea, turning the TV off and putting the cat outside. Then the phone rang. It was my granddaughter, Zoe. She had been A22 appearing in her school play and she wanted to tell me all about it. I must say it sounded wonderful! I A23 regret not going, but if I went to see everything my grandchildren did, I would never have any time for myself.

Anyway, whatever the reason was, my alarm didn't A24 go off this morning, so I was late meeting Rita for coffee. She said she didn't mind, though, because she had a good book to read. We chatted for half an hour and then went to have a wander round the shops. Everything seems so expensive these days, or it does to those of us who have "A25 retired from work. It's not easy living on a pension. In the end, I just bought some wool for a jumper I'm making and Rita bought a new hat.

We had A26 missed our usual bus home, so we decided to have lunch in one of those fast food places. I'd never been in one before, but Rita said she had, with her grandson. I let her order the food and we sat down to eat. Well, I've never had anything so disgusting in my whole life! The chips were so salty I couldn't eat them. The other thing was like a bread roll with a beefburger and cheese on it. It turned A27 out to be a 'special cheeseburger', although it didn't seem very special to me. It tasted like cardboard. I don't think I'll be going in a place like that again.

Tomorrow is my eldest son Darren's birthday and we're planning to have a nice picnic in the

countryside. I can't believe that he's about to A28 turn fifty. How old does that make me? Don't ask!


1) set

Set the alarm - поставить будильник; устоявшееся выражение

2) put

3) did

4) timed


1) appearing

Appear in smth - выступать на сцене; устоявшееся выражение

2) playing

3) standing

4) dramatising


1) reject

отказываться, отклонять

2) repent


3) resent

негодовать, возмущаться

4) regret



1) go

Go off - взрываться (о взрывчатке), запускаться (о будильнике), выстреливать (об оружии) и т.д.

2) come

Come off - покидать; отрываться, отваливаться

3) bring

Bring off - успешно завершать

4) sound

Sound off - громко жаловаться; распространяться, болтать о чем-либо (разг.)


1) ceased

Cease from - нет такого сочетания

2) retired

Retired from work - уходить в отставку

3) retreated

Retreat from - отступать, отходить (прям. и перен.)

4) fired

Всегда в пассиве!


1) lost

Lose - терять

2) dropped

Drop - ронять

3) missed

Miss - пропускать

4) failed

Fail - проваливать, терпеть неудачу


1) round

Round down - округлять число с понижением

2) down

Turn down - отвергать (предложение)

3) off

Turn off - выключать

4) out

Turn out - оказываться


1) get

2) turn

Turn *age* - исполняться столько-то лет (He's about to turn fifty); устоявшееся выражение

3) make

4) have



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