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I think that it is a new shopping mall called Okeania.


Example 1


First of all, it is not so far from my apartment. I can quickly walk there. It is also very beautiful inside. There is a big (I think about 15 meter high) aquarium where you can see different fish swimming including sharks. Two times a day they are fed by a few scuba-divers. It is really funny and facinating to watch.


Example 2


Second, you can go there alone or with your friends. There are a lot of boutiques there where you can buy something or just watch. Also, there is a movie theater, Cinema Star, where you can watch movies. My friends and I went there a few weeks ago. We ate at the food court and watched a movie. Everybody was very happy.




So that’s why I think that Okeania is a good place to hang out and relax.

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