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Personally, I think that the most important national holiday in our country is New Year's Eve.


Example 1


First of all, New Year's Eve is our main family holiday. Our whole family comes together and waits for the midnight ringing of the Kurantas bell chimes. It is a big clock in one of the towers in Red Square. When the bell is struck each of 12 times at 12 midnight one should make a wish. People believe that these wishes will be granted. Then many people go for a walk in their neighborhood and wish each other happy a New Year.


Example 2


Second, We prepare for this holiday many months in advance. People buy special presents we think will make our family members and close friends happy. Traditionally, we put their presents under a Christmas tree before New Year's Day. Celebration of this holiday is similar to Christmas celebration of North America, Europe and other countries.




So, that’s why New Year's Eve is the main holiday in our country.  

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