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Forgetting is a casual or gradual process in which old memories are unable to be recalled from the memory storage. How humans encode, store and recall memories is unknown, but it contributes to a phenomenon of short term memory which is categorized as either decay theory which states that passage of time always increases forgetting after something new is learned, or the interference theory, which takes effect when the recall of a certain memory interferes by recall of another memory.






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1. everybody forgets smth

2. decay theory

3. dean / tel. number / fade away with time

4. interference theory

5. forgetting the list / meeting a friend at a book store




Describe two different types of forgetting based on the lecture.






The passage is about forgetting, which can be defined as troubles to recall some memories from the memory storage.




There are two theories of forgetting. These are the decay theory and the interference theory. The professor gives examples explaining how each of the theories works. The decay theory says that our memories fade away with time. The example was that you take the dean’s telephone number and forget it in a few hours. The interference theory says that we forget information when one memory interferes with another one. She gives an example how she forgot all books she wanted to buy that were on her list because she met his friend at a book shop and talked about his books.




So these two theories describe the phenomenon of forgetting.


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