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Change for students


Effective this September the University has decided to reduce the number of copies of printed materials in the library and popularize the online system to encourage the students to use the computers in the library. The reason for this is that the hard copies of these materials take up too much space, making the library crowded with books and papers jammed together. By having students increase their use of computers, the library will be more spacious so that there can be enough room to store more books. The library is confident that the students will find it easier and more convenient to use the computers rather than search for the printed material.





See text of conversation

(Male) Hey, Michel, did you read this? Libraries are going to use on-line system to make it easier for us to do our researches. Is not it a great idea?

(Female) It's sure is. I bet the school can save a lot of money by doing this.

(Male) Why do you think so?

(Female) Well, the university doesn't need to spend more money than it already does. If the library keeps a lot of materials it will need more bookshelves in more space. To solve this problem the school must construct a new building, which could cost them a lot of money. So I think storing all the information in computers would be the cheapest and fastest way to solve the problem in the library.

(Male) I guess you're right I always didn't like to waist too much of my precious times searching for the materials for my assignment.

(Female) That's the other thing. It's about time that our school caught up with the times. All the other schools have already begun using computers to find materials. It is more convenient to work online rather than make the trip to the library and spend many hours there. Most of the people have computers in their rooms so they can easily do their research there. I'm definitely want to spend less time in the library. It stresses me out.


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agrees / great idea

Save a lot of money

Space / book shelves / new building

Too long to search materials

More convenient on-line

All the others already use computers

Work from room




The woman gives her opinion about the change. What are the reasons she gives for holding this opinion.







The announcement says that university wants to turn printed materials into a digital form so that students could use their computers. It’s going to be easier and more convenient.




Two friends are discussing if it’s a good proposal or not. The woman’s opinion is that it’s is a great idea. She gives a few reasons to support it. 


First, she says that it will save a lot of money because increasing printed materials will lead to building a new library.


Second, it’s also more convenient to work on computers from home. It saves a lot of time and it’s faster. Moreover, other universities have already done it.




So that’s why she likes the change.

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Vocabulary (используйте карточки для слов, которые сложно запоминаются):



convenient [kənˈviːniənt]

удобный, подходящий


moreover [mɔːrˈoʊvər]

кроме того, более того


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