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В этом разделе мы собрали аргументы подкрепляющие идеи на самые популярные эссе по английскому языку ЕГЭ. Сосредоточение только на второй и третей части сочинения поможет быстрее ознакомиться с возможными аргументами поддерживающими вашу точку зрения. Очень часто ученик даже хорошо владеющий языком не может найти подходящие аргументы подкрепляющие его высказывания. Ознакомившись с нашими вариантами ответов вы пополните свою "базу аргументов", что облегчит написание второй части письменного задания С2. Ответы составлены по определенной структуре "утверждение-пример", что облегчает написание эссе. Чтобы не потерять фокус и полностью открыть тему сочинения мы советуем перед тем как вы начнете написать "пару" - суть сочинения, который вы хотите открыть и подумать о синонимах релевантных заданной теме.


Essay Sample 01 


The weather affects the way people feel and behave.


Пара: affects – does not not 


Синонимы: Influence / mood / act / behavior / feelings 


pir 1

linking words 1



Мнение: I think the weather has an affect on the way people feel and behave. 

1. утверждение People are part of the environment and have a direct connection with it. пример For examplerain influences people's mood because they feel sad when it rains and everything round is gloomy. 2. утверждение Secondly, clear sunny weather raisesone's mood. пример For instance, when it is sunny people’s behaviour becomes more upbeatkindtolerantand gentle

Moreover, vitamin D that is absolutely necessary for people's life and can be only produced by using sun light. 



Essay Sample 02 


Digital literacy is the key to success in any occupation


Пара: the key – not important 


Синонимы: Computer / skills / ignorance / profession 

pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I think that computer literacy is one of the most important skill one can have to be successful.

1. утверждение First of all, computers have become an integral partof people’s life. Whatever a person does at work or at home they have to deal with digital technologies. пример For example, people pay bills, order foodon-line, or buy tickets. 2. утверждение Secondly, if a person wants to get a job, he or she has to fill in a form before being taken. пример For instance, each form always has a questionof one’s level of computer fluency. If a person writes that they have low level of computer literacy, the chances of getting a job is really little. 


Essay Sample 03 


Education is the most important possession a person can have 


Пара:  Education- family 


Синонимы: Key to success / treasure / valuable thing 



pir 1

linking words 1

Мнение I think that education is the most important attribute that characterizes a successful person.

1. утверждение First of all, education is the key to successin life. пример  For example, if a person has good education, he or she usually gets a well-paid job that allows them to do a lot of interesting things. 2. утверждение Secondly, those who have good education, have respectin society. пример For instance, professors or academies have a lot of respect. People listen to their lectures, taking their opinion as the truth.  


Essay Sample 04 


One should read about historical sites before sightseeing 


Пара:  should – should not


Синонимы: Study / learn / important places


pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I think that one should read about a place he or she wants to visit before going there. 

1.утверждение First of all, if a person reads something before visiting, they will rememberthe information better. пример  For example, there is a saying, “revising is the mother of education.” 2. утверждение Secondly, one does not need a guideif they learn about the places themselves. пример For instance, a person can read everything by booksor the Internet and then go to the place just to see it with their own eyes.  It can savea lot of moneyfor the traveler. 



Essay Sample 05 


Creative hobbies help to cope with stress 


Пара: yes, helps – does not help 


Синонимы: Interesting / allow / interests / fight / handle 


pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I think that creative hobbies allow people to fight stress.

1. утверждение First of all, being merged in a hobby, lets a person forget about stress since stress and joy that arrives from a hobby are antagonists. пример For example, if a person really likes embroidery, he or she is happy when they are doing it, which means there is no place for stressin their mind. утверждение Secondly, hobbies are usually relaxingand I would say even therapeutic. пример For instance, it is a scientific fact that those who have hobbies live a longer and happier life. Joy that comes from such activity has a hilling power.



Essay Sample 06 


Friendship is the greatest gift of life 


Пара: friendship – money  


Синонимы: Position / valuable thing


pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I think that the most valuable thing in life one can have is friendship.

1.утверждение First of all, friendship is a part of human natureпример For example, without it people feel lonely and sad. One needs to have someone to talkwith, to be understood, to sharetheir thoughtsand ideas. 2. утверждение Secondly, there is a saying, “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. пример. For instance,  a true friend will always help in the times of trouble, supporting his friends emotionally and practically. Moreover, friendship as a feeling is very close to love. 



Essay Sample 07 


Music is something that distracts people from daily routine


Пара: distracts – doesn’t distract 


Синонимс: Melody / makes another focus / dull work / regular things


pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I think that listening to music changes focus of a listener from regular chores to melody.

1. утверждение First of all, being merged in music, helps a person forget about daily routine since consciousness cannot be focused on two things at a timeпример For example, if a person is listening to music and feels happy, he or she usually does not pay any attention to the regular things that they are doing. Such dull work is being done automatically. 2. утверждение Secondly, music is usually relaxingand I would say even therapeutic. пример For instance, it is a scientific factthat those who listen to music often live a longer life. Stress that might come from doing routine gets neutralizedby emotions that arrive from listening to the music. 



Essay Sample 08 


Following fashion trends is a waste of time and money 


Пара: waste – is not waste 


Синонимы: To be fashionable / killing time / slander money 


pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I think if a person follows some modern trends they lose a valuable things in live. 

1.утверждение First of all, it takes a lot of timeand energy. пример For example, such people go to different beauty salons and read a lot of fashion magazines.  2.утверждение Secondly, it takes a lot of moneyto keep yourself looking nice. пример For instance, good perfume and clothes cost a fortunate nowadays. Moreover, It is also a never ending process because someone else will always look nicer. 



Essay Sample 09 


An early choice of a career path is the key to success 


Пара: the earlier the better – the later the better 


Синонимы: Major / specialty / 


pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I think that the earlier one choses his or her career the better chances to success they have.

1. утверждение First of all, early chosen career gives one an opportunity to get more experienceпример For example, a lot of program writers start programming when they are about 7 years old. By the age of twenty two they have a big experience behind. 2. утверждение Secondly, choosing a career path early allows one to focus their educationdirectly on their career specialtyпример For example, those aspiring to go into the field of biotechcan begin their career training by earning a bachelor's degree in biological science or a related field, including chemistry, molecular biology, or biochemistry. Moreover, it also helps one utilize their schooling time more efficiently. 



Essay Sample 10 


It’s better to read a book rather than watch its screen version 


Пара: read books – movies 


Синонимы: Film / movie / imagination


pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I think that reading a book is more informative than watching a movie.

1. утверждение First of all, when a person reads a book, he or she learns more detailsпример For example, an author describes a towerand spends a few pages to say about its story. In the movie it is often just shown for a few seconds. 2.утверждение Secondly, it is a scientific fact that reading develops imaginationпример For example, a person imagines everything they read in their own way. When people watch a movie, they see the movie director’s perception



Essay Sample 11 


A person who is fluent in a foreign language can easily work as an interpreter


Пара: can work – can not work 


Синонимы: Bilingual / good at 



pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I do not think that a person who speaks a few fluent languages can be an interpreter. 

1.утверждение First of all, interpreting and speaking are different skillsпример For example, even bilinguals, people who speak two languages from their birth, study interpreting for a few years in an university to do it properly. 2.утверждение Secondly, one should loveinterpreting to work as an interpreter. пример For instance, interpreters usually work in pairsand change each other every twenty minutes. It is all because the pressureon the nervous system of an interpreter is compered with a pilot of a supper jet



Essay Sample 12 


Some people think that Russian is easier to learn than English


Пара: Russian is easier – English is easier 


Синонимы: Endings / prefixes / pronouns 


pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I think that Russian is more difficult than English. 1. утверждение First of all, Russian language has changing endingsпример For example, according to pronouns the endings of adjectives change, which means a learner has to remember a lot of cases. In English they remain the same, she is clever, they are clever etc. 2.утверждение Secondly, Russian has a lot of more prefixesthan English. пример For instance, almost to each verb one can adda few different prefixes that changes the meaning of the verb slightly or strongly. Moreover, there are not really strict and logical rules in using these prefixes and endings. 



Essay Sample 13 


Clothes people are wearing can influence their behavior 


Пара: influences – doesn’t influence 


Синонимы: Impact / way to behave 


pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I think that people’s clothes really impact the way they behave. 1.утверждение First of all, nowadays clothes has become a part of people’image and a way of behavior. пример For example, people of different occupations dress differently. A person in a suite of policeman cannot act as a person wearing a sport suit. 2. утверждение Secondly, by changing clothes, a person can changetheir lives. пример It is a scientific factthat people are conditioned by many things, like food, cars, social status and clothes has the first positionin this list. For instance, wearing aristocrat’s or businessmen closes people try to act accordingly to fit to this image.



Essay Sample 14 


High school students should study only the subjects they choose 


Пара: subjects they choose – compulsory subjects 


Синонимы: Learn / major / specialty / efficiency


pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I think that students at the last grades ought to study the subjects they consider useful.

1. утверждение First of all, students usually know what they wantto be even in Primary School and should learn the subjects accordingly. пример For example, the subjects that are connected to their future specialtyshould be given a special emphasis. 2. утверждение Secondly, if a person chooses the subject, he or she will study it betterпример For example, it is a scientific factthat anything that is studied with pleasure leaves stronger impressionsin memory. The efficiencyof such studying is much higher than if a person is forcedto study something they do not like. 



Essay Sample 15 


Every city and every town should have a zoo 


Пара: should – should not 


Синонимы: Entertainment / protect / extinct


pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I think that it would be great if there was a zoo in each town.

1.утверждение First of all, zoos are a big entertainment for children. пример For example, when a family goes to zoo children feel really exited. They spend hours of walking around, eating ice-cream and feeding some animals. 

2. утверждение Second, zoos really are educationalfor children, as well as adults. пример For example, children see new animals and learn new information about them, broadening their minds. This way of learning is much more efficient than to learn about animals by books. 



Essay Sample 16 


Childhood is the safest period of human life 


Пара: safest – dangerous 


Синонимы: Babyhood / infancy / protect / take care 


pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I think that babyhood is the safest period of one’s life. 1. утверждение First of all, parents protect children from all the troubles they can get into. пример For example, parents feed their children, watchthem all the time to make sure nothing bad happens to them. 2. утверждение Secondlysocietygives children a lot of rights. пример For instance, if a child is being mistreatedby someone, the society interferes and makes sure it does not happen again. Moreover, I believe that it is a part of human natureto treat children with care and love.



Essay Sample 17 


Internet is the greatest time-waster


Пара: time waste – educational


Синонимы: Time killer / time consumer / time saver 


pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I think that the Internet is a great time saver people ever invented. 1.утверждение First of all, the Internet allows people to searchsome important information they need really fast. пример For example, if a person has any question, he or she goes to ask it in the Internet and get an answer right away. People do not have to go to libraries anymore.  2.утверждение Secondly, nowadays the Internet is really educationalin terms of lot of people study different subjects distantly. пример For instance, there are a lot of webinarsthat teach students mathematics, biology and other academic subjects. They do not need to waste a lot of time going somewhere to take lessons. 



Essay Sample 18 


The circus is the best entertainment for children 


Пара: circus – movies


Синонимы: Kids / entertaining / 


pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I think that the circus is most educational and entertaining pastime for children.

1. утверждение First of all, circus leaves unforgettable impressionsin children’s memories. пример For example, a lot of children still remember some performances from the very young age. 2.утверждение Secondly, circus performances are interactiveпример For instance, children often take partin the performance when the clowns or the host go through the aisles and talk with people. Moreover, children also can see different animals and learn new information about them.



Essay Sample 19 


Exams motivate students to study harder


Пара: motivate – do not motivate


Синонимы: Tests / inspire/ better / more seriously 


pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I think that exams make students treat the subject they study more seriously and learn it better.

1. утверждение First of all, any test makes a person learnthe subject better since the result will be graded. пример For example, one listens to some information and forgets it right away since they do not know if they need it in there future life. On the other hand, when students know that this information will be tested, they memories it much better. 2. утверждение Secondly, the grades students get at exams characterize their level of preparationand ultimately give them a lot of advantages, if the marks are high. пример For instance, if a person has what we call “red diploma”, they inter to university without exams. Moreover, good marks are always pleasant to get.    



Essay Sample 20 


It’s easier to make friends than to keep them


Пара: motivate – do not motivate


Синонимы: Make / harder / more difficult / 



pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I think that it is easier to make new friends than to have good relationship with the old ones.

1.утверждение First of all, making new friends takes less timeпример For example, one can go to a cluband make a lot of new friends in a few hours. утверждение Secondly, it is easier to impresspeople when a person just meets them. пример For instance, people tend to show good qualitiesin the beginning of their relationship. They are always polite, they smile are always ready to help.



Essay Sample 21 


Space exploration was the greatest achievement of the 20th century 


Пара: yes – no


Синонимы: Research / Space ...


pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I think that space research is one of the most important accomplishments humans have ever done.

1. утверждение First of all, space exploration has integrateda lot of new technologies into our lives. пример For example, everybody uses satellite televisionGPSnavigators or weather broadcastsnowadays. It is all only possible because people flew into space and sent their satellites there. утверждение Secondly, it has given us understanding that we are not alone and there must be other planets where humans can live. пример For instance, it is a scientific factthat one day our planet will finish to exist and people will have to find another place to live. Moving forward this goal, gives people a chance to survive as a species.



Essay Sample 22 


School classmates make the best friends 


Пара: yes – no


Синонимы: Friends at school / 

pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I think that school friendship is the strongest one.

1. утверждение First of all, people that are met at schools makes the deepest impressionsin one memory. пример For example, school friends are those with who one goes through the first relationship like: friendshipbetrayalloveand so on. 2. утверждение Secondlytime provesschool friendship and schoolmates have advantages over others, like university or job friends. пример For instance, one can be called a real friend only if he or she remains as a friend in difficult situations. There is a saying, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”



Essay Sample 23 


Young people should follow in their parents’ footsteps when choosing a profession


Пара: yes – no


Синонимы: Major / copy / 

pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I do not think that children should follow their parents major.

1. утверждение First of all, children can have different intereststhan their parents. пример For example, parents might be doctors but their children are interested in program writing. There is not use in forcing them to follow parents’ path since they will not be happyto cure patients. 2.утверждение Secondly, having a profession that a person does not like is going to make him a poor worker. пример For instance, work usually takes a great partof peoples’ life and it is and it is impossible to do something good for a long time if a person does not like it. Moreover, living up to someone else's dream never ends up well.



Essay Sample 24 


The most important thing in life is work


Пара: Work-family 


Синонимы: Job / valuable / position

pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I think that job is the most valuable possession one can have.  

1. утверждение First of all, work pays people money that they can live on. пример For example, in order to buy food, pay the bills or go to have a rest people need money. 2. утверждение Secondly, work is a place where people interact socially. пример For instance, going to work one meets other people with who they communicate and have friendly or rival relationship. Moreover, work is a place where people can achieve some results that they need for self-estime.


Essay Sample 25 


Sport unites people 


Пара: Yes - no 


Синонимы: Connect / 

pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I think that sport connects people. 

1.утверждение First of all, when a person does sport he or she has to communicatewith other people and communication usually unites. пример For example, people go to a gym and exercise with people who like physical activity. After such interaction they become friends or if they were friends, their friendship become deeper. 2.утверждение Secondly, as a rule hobbiesunite people. For instance, there are a lot of clubs that gather people with the same interests. They even declare that our main purpose is to unite people and sport is not an acceptation. 



Essay Sample 26 


The most important thing in life is family


Пара: Family- work 


Синонимы: Family member / valuable / 

pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I think that family is the most important thing in life.

1. утверждение First of all, family can support a person in times of troubles. пример For example,  if one has some problems, family members are the first who will come to help. 2. утверждение Secondlyhaving a family is a part of human nature. пример For instance, people need to be surrounded by those who really love them and family members are those how love each other without a reason. Moreover, without a family a person feels lonely.



Essay Sample 27 


There are more disadvantages than advantages in living in a big city


Пара: Advantages- disadvantages 


Синонимы: Pros and cones / dwell / 

pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I think living in big cities is exciting. 

1. утверждение First of all, big cities can offer a person a lot of opportunities for entertainments. пример For example, there are many theaters, museums and interesting sights to see there. 2. утверждение Secondly, all new technological or fashion things like computers, gadgets, stylish clothes, and so on first come to big cities and then spread to towns and villages. пример For instance, it is impossible to by a brand new gadget right after it comes out if one lives in a small town. Moreover, people also earn more money in megapolises so they can have more possibilities.



Essay Sample 28 


Social media interaction is important for modern teenagers 


Пара: important – is not important 


Синонимы: Chat / social life / teens

pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I think that communication in social nets is important for modern youth.

1. утверждение First of all, social medias have become a part of modern lifenowadays.  пример For example, it is difficult to imagine a teen who would not have an accountin Vk, Odnoklasniki, Fb or Instagram. 2. утверждение Communication is an integrative part of human life. пример For instance, it is a scientific factthat humans cannot live without interaction with each other. In our time of digital technologies, traditional communication was widen by digital forms of social nets. Moreover, some teenagers even got social net dependence and had psychological troubleswhen they were separated from the Internet.



Essay Sample 29 


The best holidays and festivals are those with specific traditions for celebrating.


Пара: yes – no 


Синонимы: Celebration / feasts / events / certain

pir 1

linking words 1


Мнение I think that traditional holidays and festivals are really exiting to celebrate. 

1. утверждение First of all, a holiday that has some roots has provedits significanceand meaningthroughout the time. пример For example, a holiday called Maslenica has been celebrated for hundreds of years and people always do it with great pleasure. 2. утверждение Secondly, traditional festivals have special connotation that makes people remember their history. пример For example, Ivana Kupala festival is celebrated since time immemorial and reminds Russians of an ancient tradition of honoring summer solstice. It unites them with each other and nature and gives those who celebrate it a hope that their wishes will be granted. 



Essay Sample 30 


The most important thing in life is love


Пара: love – money 


Синонимы: Valuable / possession / 

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение I think that love is indeed the most important possession one can have.

1.утверждение First of all, love can inspire people to do great things. пример For example, when a person is in love he or she becomes very creative and want to do something importantfor the humanity. 2. утверждение Secondly, love fills people's life with a lot of positive emotionsпример For instance, they want to get swept awaysing with rapture and dance like a dervish. Moreover, love makes people noble and more forgiving.


Essay Sample 31 


The Internet is the biggest evil of our time 


Пара: evel – benefit 


Синонимы: The greatest / benefit / 

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение I think that the Internet is a great invention that brings far more benefit than evil. 

1.утверждение First of all, one can be constantly in touch with their friends no matter where they are. Пример For example, a person can call their friends who are in Australia, using iP connection, and talk as if they were near. 2. утверждение Second, it allows a person to share not only texts but pictures, songs and videos. пример For instance, one tooks a lot of photos and videos and just gives the access to their friends who can use everything without the photos or videos being sent. Moreover, the Internet allows people to get answers right way, which is important in our age of technologies and development. 


Essay Sample 32 


The most important thing in life is health 


Пара: health – family 


Синонимы: Possession / 


pir 1

linking words 1


мнение I think that health is the biggest possession one can have. 

1. утверждение First of all, bad health makes a person focus on painbut not on his or her goals that is really unpleasant.  пример For example, usually sick people forget about everything they can enjoy but think only about getting rid of the pain that tortures them. 2. утверждение Secondly, being sick a person cannot achieve what they wantin their lives. пример For instance, he or she wants to travel and see new countries but their poor health conditions do not allow to do it.



Essay Sample 33 


It is the government’s responsibility to protect the environment 


Пара: government - people


Синонимы: Take care / nature / job / 

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение I think that that it is mainly government’s job to protect the nature. 1.утверждение First of all, protection of the environment requires substation amount of moneyand labor force to manage the protection properly. пример For example, in order to build a garbage utilization plant one should spend a lot of money and the government have to find it. 2. утверждение Secondly, the government can control pollution violations by setting some special laws that restrict companies to produce harmful products. пример For instance, if a plant makes something that poisons nature, it will be forced to pay a big fine.



Essay Sample 34 


Technical progress is always harmful for the environment 


Пара: Harmful- harmless 


Синонимы: Destructive / nature / 

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение I think that technical progress in not always destructive for nature. 1.утверждение First of all, technical progress has become much harmlessnowadays. примерFor example, the modern cars can run on electricity, which means they do not pollute environment at all. 2. утверждение Secondly, governments of different countries have made special lawsthat forbid using toxicor environment unfriendlyproductions. пример For instance, if a plant dumps some more waste than allowed, it gets huge fines. 



Essay Sample 35 


Science is the first thing to be financed in the modern world 


Пара: science- health care


Синонимы: Financially supported / sponsoring / 

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение I think that financing of science should be the main priority for any government. 1.утверждение First of all, with advancing of science the duration of people’s lifehas increased. пример For example, people lived about 30 years in the middle ages, whereas now they live about 80. 2. утверждение Secondly, science gives people some possibilitiesthat they could hardly think of beforeпример For instance, now people travel to space and learn a lot about the Earth and other planets. Development of science will one day give humans an opportunity to change our planetfor a one that is more suitable for living since eventually our planet will come to the end.  



Essay Sample 36 


Public libraries are becoming less popular and they will soon disappear


Пара: yes – no


Синонимы: Existence / 


мнение I think that public libraries will stop their existence in the nearest future. 1.утверждение First of all, people read printed booksless nowadays and their substituting with i-booksis growing fast. пример For example, if a person can read everything from home in a digital form there is no need to go to a library. 2. утверждение Secondly, to keep books in a digital form is more usefulsince they take much less space. пример For instance, one i-book can contain 1000 or even more printed books. Moreoversearchingin digital form is much faster. One should remember just a few words to find a place where they were written. 



Essay Sample 27 


Traveling abroad helps to understand your own country


Пара: helps – doesn’t help


Синонимы: broaden mind / compare / 

pir 1

linking words 1


мнение I think that people who travel abroad know their country better. 1. утверждение First of all, it is a scientific fact that the principle of understandingis generally based on comparisonпример For example, if a person sees one type of roads in his or her country and have nothing to compare with, such people cannot create an objective opinion about the quality of the roads. 2. утверждение Secondly, traveling broadens one’s mind, which means a person has more information about different kinds of countries, lows, religions, types of ruling and so on. пример For instance, knowing other traditions, people can find the place of their own country in the variety of others cultures and only then decide if they have the best traditions or ruling or there is a space to work on.



Essay Sample 38 


You can have only one true friend


Пара: one friend – many friends


Синонимы: A friend indeed / real friend / 

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мнение I think that a person can have a lot of real friends. 1. утверждение First of all, true friend is not a special number, it is more a principle, an ability to sacrifice himself for the sake of a friend. пример For example, a true friend is always ready to help when their friend is in time of trouble. There is a saying, “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. 2.утверждение Secondly, a true friend can say a person the truth no matter how hard it might sound. пример For instance, a friend overeats and puts on weight fast. It would be comfortable for a friend to say nothing, but a real friend will say what he or she thinks about the problem. 



Essay Sample 39 


Mess media influences teenagers’ minds. 


Пара: influences- doesn’t influence 


Синонимы: Impacts / consciousness / controls

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мнение I think that mess media has a big impact on young minds. 1.утверждение First of all, television, ratio and other media sources present information in a particular wayпример For example, there is always a statementand then a few examples. It is an effective way of giving any information and teenagers' minds believe it, even if it is wrong and folse. 2. утверждение Secondly, mess media has other toolssuch as video – interviews. пример For instance, they ask particular peopleabout their opinion, sometimes manipulatingchoosing the interviewees. Everything they broadcast looks logicaland obviousand teenagers, who often do not have enough experience, might mistakenly take their opinion as the truth.



Essay Sample 40 


Robots in peoples’ life.


Пара: influence people’s lives – do not influence 


Синонимы: ITM / important part 

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мнение Robots have become a partof people’s lives, they are everywhere. 1. утверждение First of all, robots help us daily routine. For example, if we withdraw money from ITMmachine, it is a robot who gives us the exact amount of money we ordered. 2. утверждение Secondly, people have been working on developing an artificial intelligentfor a long time and the success is impressive. пример For instance, there are robots that look like people, consulting customers and giving them a tour around shopping mall. Moreover, in search system Google the robot called Sirican answers any question people ask.


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